An Exclusive Tour through Ancient Corinth

Embark on a private tour through the Saronic Gulf, where scenic landscapes unfold and the city of Corinth expects you. History lovers, this one’s for you. The ancient metropolis here is full of man-made treasures. Explore centuries-old archeological wonders beside a knowledgeable local guide.

A comfortable cruiser will transfer you from your stay in Peloponnese. Alternatively, the day trip can easily be arranged from Athens. The drive from the capital takes just an hour and 15 minutes. Take in the rugged horizon with a stop at Corinth Canal. Let the charming Greek vistas of the region sweep you off your feet.

Arrive at the famed city ruins of Corinth, and navigate your way through prehistoric paths. Learn the true tale of the site, and the secrets behind its fall. The old site of Epidaurus with its immersive amphitheater comes next. Gain insight into Roman customs and pilgrim rituals. Feel the spirit of the past effortlessly come to life.

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