Ultimate Private Yacht Experiences – Summer to Winter Sun

Sailing tropical waters on a private yacht. One of life’s privileges, a perfect way to relax and explore. We round up the ultimate places to take a private yacht, from multi-day charters to half-day trips to remote beaches.

Yachts aren’t just for the European summer either. There’s winter sun to discover as well. So where will you explore?

Private European Yacht Charters

For pure privacy and indulgence, hop between superyacht harbours in the Mediterranean. With a multi-day charter there’s ultimate freedom about where to go, but the exact yacht will depend on the region.

My Toy and Blue Angel are exceptional superyachts in Greece.

Introducing My Toy. She lives up to her name.

Khalilah is the world’s largest private yacht built entirely from carbon composite. She’s 49 metres and takes up to 11 guests all over the Mediterranean, but especially Italy and Corsica.

At 49 metres, Khalilah is a floating hotel for 11 guests.

For the French Riviera try Esmeralda of the Seas, an elegant 29-metre yacht with a strong sustainability record.

Is this your holiday yacht?

And for something very different, try a traditional Turkish gulet, outstanding value for a beach and culture holiday along the Turkish coast, especially in September and October.

A 26-metre luxury gulet. Your next holiday cruise?

Private Yacht Rentals in Popular Holiday Destinations

It’s easy to escape crowds on a private yacht. So when you’re in a busy holiday destination, just cruise to a quiet inaccessible place, savour the landscapes, and travel in style. How about:

A private yacht rental in Dubai, sailing the Arabian Gulf alongside the highest concentration of skyscrapers on the planet.

Dubai Marina is a fine place to start any journey

A yacht cruise from Amalfi to Capri, with stops in Positano and Sorrento. Far more luxurious than walking the hills. It’s a fantastic experience in September.

Most people don’t see what’s really along the Amalfi coastline

Ah, the French Riviera. Wait, why is it so crowded on land? Pop the Champagne and cruise past St Tropez and Antibes to Monte Carlo, with plenty of turquoise bays along the way.

It’s the French Riviera. What did you expect to do here?

Shipwreck Beach and the Blue Caves are magical places in Greece. Experience them in style by turning up on your private yacht.

An excursion to the famous blue caves of Zakynthos island, Ionian Sea, Greece

Magical Journeys by Private Yacht

Yachts are luxurious of course, but their greatest highlight is where they can take you. It’s not just about lounging on deck, it’s about exploring and these journeys reflect this.

Like a full-day voyage around Sardinia, from Costa Smeralda to beaches and coves without any hotel development.

Sardinia developed as a destination for the superyacht crowd, as back in the sixties it was the only way to get there

Four Seasons Explorer Yacht is a three-deck catamaran taking a handful of guests around the Maldives. It’s ideal for couples and is how EliteVoyage CEO spent his honeymoon.

A floating hotel in the Maldives

Santorini to Mykonos, two dazzling islands best combined on a private yacht. Island hopping is so easy this way. And Naxos, Paros and Syros are all options if you want to extend the journey. Or consider Santorini to Ios.

Santorini and Mykonos have so many hidden sides, only reachable by yacht.

How about Madeira, perhaps tracking whales, snorkelling, swimming and sailing to the Desertas Islands?

It’s oh so quiet when you cruise the Atlantic Ocean around Madeira

Private Yacht Experiences in the Winter Sun

When Europe cools, most of the rest of the world remains a sunny playground for the explorer in you. And Europe certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on superyachts.

Many vessels head to the Caribbean for the winter. The Cayman Islands is one of the best places to cruise over there, especially to the undeveloped islands.

Little Cayman in Cayman Islands. Just one place to stop when you cruise.

The Riviera Maya is a long Caribbean coastline of spectacular beaches and over-touristic resorts. It’s best experienced on a private sailing experience.

These Caribbean waters provide superb snorkelling as well

On the other side of Mexico, turn the Pacific Ocean into your playground with a private charter from Los Cabo.

Mexico’s Pacific Coast holds many secrets

For something completely different, cruise alongside huge elephant herds and sleep besides the hippos, on a multi-day Chobe River Cruise in Botswana.

A floating safari in a region that’s home to 100,000 elephants

Your Holiday on a Private Yacht

We have partners around the world who can arrange custom charters, from 50-metre superyachts for two weeks, to small sailboats for a day of fishing in the Mediterranean.

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