Private Yacht Rental in Dubai

Wherever you are in Dubai city the shimmering turquoise of the Arabian Gulf is omnipresent. It’s too inviting to ignore, so why try? Leave the hustle of land behind, rent a luxury yacht and sail into a floating world when time has no meaning.

From the deck of your own boat, you can laze, gaze and graze in perfect privacy. You can deep-sea fish, dive, party or just soak up all the vitamin D the sun has to offer. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

No matter the size of your nautical dream, we have a yacht to match. Something small and personal to share a romantic evening with a loved one, or something more ostentatious to throw the mother of all boat parties. Day cruises, multi-day sails, life on the open ocean – it’s all easily arranged. Whatever type or size of yacht you desire and for whatever duration, we can arrange, all with a professional crew as standard.

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