Introduction to Private Yacht Charters

Answering three essential questions about private yacht charters.

What type of boat is best?

Where should you go?

And how long do you need for a yacht holiday?

Comparing Three Boat Types

Motor Yacht vs Sail Yacht vs Catamaran

Ready to explore the Dalmatian Coast in a sail yacht?

For a decade we saw increasing demand for big luxury motor yachts, super yachts like Esmeralda of the Seas and Khalilah. Yet more recently we’re seeing increased interest in sailing yachts.

We partner with a global network of brokers and operators, so you can enjoy private yacht charters with maximum choice and flexibility.

Matej Novak is one of these partners. He’s the managing director of Yacht Club Praha who operate sailing holidays in Croatia. Matej explains the key differences between the three different boat trips.

Or do you prefer a catamaran, like this one in the Caribbean.

All have their benefits. I prefer monohull sailing yachts. If you want to experience sailing and nature then get a sailing yacht. It’s more beautiful and sustainable. Sailing yachts are also the least expensive option.

A catamaran offers more space and luxury for a higher price. The sailing is smoother, there’s more space to play and more privacy between people on the boat.

For the ultimate luxury go for the motor yacht. They are noisy and quite a lot more expensive to charter. They’re also a lot more expensive to run, as they are powered by diesel rather than the wind.

Or perhaps you want a motor yacht on the French Rivieria?

Where’s the Best Place to Charter a Yacht?

Many contrasting destinations are ideal for a yacht charter. Wherever you want to go we’ll provide personal advice on routing, to maximise the time you have and ensure a smooth trip.

Greece is very popular with our clients and has a very long sailing season. The Cyclades Islands are magical, including Mykonos and Santorini.

Greece has gloriously empty places to drop anchor

During July and August the notorious Meltemi wind batters the Aegean, so you’ll be better in the Ionian Islands or sailing Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast.

Croatia is becoming a more exclusive destination” says Matej. “It’s ideal for sailing because it has many islands, so you can feel sheltered and not go out on the open sea.”

The Mediterranean has many popular places, so you can comfortably hop between harbours around Spain, France and Italy.

Whereas the French Riviera has many famous places to be seen

Summer yacht charters in Spain are all about the Balearic Islands. In France it’s the famous French Riviera, which can be incredibly crowded during summer. For more exclusivity you’re better exploring around Corsica and Sardinia.

Yachts aren’t only for the European summer. The Caribbean is a sunny sailing playground in winter, where you can cruise between different islands and uninhabited islets.

For many more ideas, check out these ultimate private yacht experiences around the world.

Did you know the Four Seasons Explorer yacht does trips around the Maldives?

How Long Do You Need for a Yacht Charter?

Many people ask us this question and there is no definitive answer. It really depends on you and the location.

Multi-day liveaboard charters provide the ultimate freedom. We work with proven crews who will take you places that are simply inaccessible without a boat.

It’s all about the journey, not the final destination, and you’ll drop anchor to sleep in coves offering absolute privacy.

Yachting around Corsica can be a one-day experience or a multi-day trip

Single day charters are often overlooked. They’re a great experience in popular holiday destinations. It’s easy to escape the crowds, get out on the sea and explore in style.

Recently we’ve seen demand for multi-day charters with accommodation on land. Spend your days sailing between destinations and exploring the coast. Spend your evenings exploring a new town and sleeping in a five-star hotel.

A Private Yacht Charter for Your Next Holiday?

Freedom, comfort and luxury. Three big reasons why private yacht charters are more and more popular. Have you tried a private yacht charter?

We create luxury holidays and will combine your yacht charter with hotels, guides and activities. But before all that, we’ll answer your personal questions about a yacht charter. Try us.

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