Private Jet Services Have Changed This Summer – Exclusive Update

Summer 2022 will be the busiest ever season for private jets. And private aviation will be different to what you’ve experienced before.

So much has changed. Like airport slots, route slots, aircraft availability, crew capacity, air traffic control and fuel prices. This is the latest private jet update and how it will impact your travels. So you can plan ahead and continue to enjoy jet charter benefits.

Demand for private jets has grown exponentially to record highs.

Many people discovered private jets during the pandemic. It’s safer, more efficient and far more convenient compared to commercial flights. Most people are not going back to commercial airlines after the pandemic.

Combine this with an unprecedented desire to travel, as European destinations fully reopen. It creates a demand for private aviation that is far beyond anything anyone has seen before. Jet services have adapted to a new normal.

Now more than ever people are seeing the value of an experienced jet charter specialist.

Private Jet Services – What’s Changed for Summer 2022

Ultimately, more people want private air transport but its availability is limited. So prices are higher and flexibility is not as it used to be. However, when you know the challenges you can plan around them and still enjoy all the private jet benefits.

Airport Slots

Every airport has a defined capacity for incoming and outgoing flights. Every aircraft needs an airport slot for take off and landing. These are now more challenging to obtain, especially during peak operating hours in the peak summer season.

Be the explorer. You don’t always need to visit overcrowded destinations. We can help you with amazing alternatives. Or consider an early departure time with prearranged early hotel check in.

How about Montenegro instead of Croatia? Or Corsica instead of Sardinia?

Aircraft Parking & Hangar Capacity

Airports in popular holiday destinations have limited hangar space for aircraft. So private planes can’t park, a situation that can’t be solved by offering the airport operators extra money.

If airport parking is not available, consider an alternative airport. In many cases there are helicopter transfer options or only a slighter longer land transfer.

We expect airports in Greece, South Italy, Sardinia, Croatia and several other locations to have extremely limited parking. Toulon, Florence, Pisa, Antalya and Bodrum are other airports with limited space. Aircraft can land at these airports but must turnaround quickly, either a “reposition” flight to another airport with hangar space, or as a double rotation. Both options are more expensive than parking.

Air Traffic Control (Route) Slots

Private jets are also reaching their airspace capacity. Controllers manage air traffic flow by issuing air traffic control slots, which cannot be booked in advance. We have encountered this issue in previous years during the busy summer months. Slots can be impacted by delays in other aircraft, weather, airspace overcrowding in an area. Neither the airports or the operators can control them.

Route slots are easier when you arrive to the airport a little ahead of time. The pilot sends a ready message that the aircraft is ready for take off, and in most cases you do depart sooner. This doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes you may wait longer on the ground, but it means your plane doesn’t need to circle the airport before landing.

The value of private jets has been realised by more people, so demand has increased.

Aircraft Availability

Private aviation is safer than commercial aviation. Many clients discovered private flying because commercial flights didn’t operate during the pandemic. It saves a huge amounts of time and is far more comfortable. Not many people go back to first class or business class flights after experiencing private.

Due to high demand, aircraft availability is changing every hour. Your options become more limited closer to the departure date. However, due to rising fuel prices, most operators don’t want to offer flights more than three months in advance.

Plan and book your private jet flights further in advance compared to previous years. This will help with both availability and price, but also obtaining preferred times and airport slots.

Crew Availability

Many pilots lost their lust or license to fly during the last two years. Not all renewed their qualifications and brand new incoming pilots were unable to build their flying experience. There simply aren’t enough pilots to cover all available aircraft.

Across most of Europe it’s now mostly one crew per aircraft, rather than multiple crew per aircraft. Due to minimum crew rest times and mandatory days off, the crew can only operate 50 – 60 % of the time.

Be more flexible with your aircraft choice and once again, plan and book further in advance to what you are used to.

A Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign is still one of the most available and best value jets to charter.

Be the Explorer

Some other challenges are very difficult to navigate. There are more considerations than simply whether to choose a Global Express or Dassault Falcon 7x.

Last weekend it was almost impossible to obtain a landing slot in Nice for the Monaco Grand Prix. Cannes will be the same for the film festival. Flying private jet to the most popular destinations in July and August will be more expensive and more restricted than before.

But the greatest advantage of a private jet is freedom. You can fly to almost anywhere. You can explore new and unique destinations, places that people can’t access on commercial airlines.

With so many potential issues and contradictory challenges, the true value of an experienced private jet specialist is being realised. We are here for you

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