The Next Generation of Private Jets

We round up Europe’s biggest business aviation conference, EBACE2022, where the latest aircraft made their global debuts.

More than 50 new aircraft were on display at the event in Geneva, along with a lot of excitement, as we discovered the jets we’ll be flying on in the years to come.

Bombardier Global 8000

Bombardier is building on the success of the 7500 by announcing the Global 8000. With a range of almost 8000 nautical miles and top speed of Mach 0.94 (1160 km/h), it will fly further and faster than any business jet.

During flight testing it became the first business jet to break the sound barrier using sustainable aviation fuel.

It comes into service in 2025 and will cost USD 78 million. Here’s the EBACE2022 presentation from Eric Martel, President and CEO of Bombardier.

Gulfstream G700

The Global 8000 took fastest and longest honours from another new jet, the recently released Gulfstream G700.

It can fly up to 7500 nautical miles, on twin Rolls Royce Pearl 700 engines, with a top speed of Mach 0.925 (1140 km/h). At EBACE2022 Gulfstream focused on the interior.

The G700 has the widest and tallest passenger cabin of any private jet, with space to create up to five separate living areas. A private suite with en-suite bathroom will be standard among all G700s.

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Dassault Falcon 6x

Dassault debuted their Falcon 6x, although due to development delays it will only come into service in mid-2023. The 6x is a faster twin-engine version of the Falcon 7x and Falcon 8x.

While it doesn’t have the 7x’s range, with 5500 nautical miles it comfortably connects most of Europe with the West Coast of the United States. The ultra-wide body was the surprise at EBACE2022. The Falcon 6x has more interior space and baggage capacity compared to both its predecessors.

Electric Business Jets?

Various conceptual aircraft were on display, including an electric airplane made by Lilium due to be in service by 2025. It’s powered by 30 ducted engine fans.

Ehang demonstrated their eVTOL, an aircraft using electric power to take off, hover and land vertically.

Perhaps most exciting was a hybrid airplane from Pipistrel. It’s significantly greener than any existing business jet and the reduction in fuel consumption means a 70% saving in operating cost.

Where will you fly?

These new and developing aircraft are changing the future of private aviation. And when you need to fly now we have you covered. Wherever and whenever you want to fly, we’ll make sure you have the most suitable aircraft plus all the flexibility and freedom of flying private.

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