Four Seasons Explorer, Palau

Ocean lovers, this experience is exclusively for you. And why not combine your cruise with a stay at one of the Four Seasons resorts? Though it is not the cheapest of stays, you will get great value for money!

Stay at Four Seasons Explorer, Palau

Experience the magic of the South Pacific from the water itself. For this is island-hopping through paradise, but with an ultra-luxe twist. Picture yourself on a three-deck catamaran, sailing effortlessly with a refreshing sea breeze. The Explorer’s 25-man crew will handle all the rest.Wake to the harmonic sound of lapping waves, as you take in uncontested ocean views. Travel from uninhabited beaches to isolated reefs. Visit virgin dive sites and remote villages. This vast but private backyard is yours to enjoy. Soak up the sun away from all the crowds. Cherish the shimmer of an ever-changing horizon.


Your escapade begins in Micronesia. This Four Seasons yacht previously explored the waters of the Maldives, now it is exploring the waters around Palau. There is no minimum or maximum stay. Every day you can experience different in this vast marine utopia.


The vessel gives way to 10 elegant State Rooms, complete with contemporary amenities and intimate decor. A special treat, you’ll find the Explorer Suite on the upper-deck, facing azure skies and an endless ocean backdrop.

Who is it for

This is an outstanding choice for couples, particularly those honeymooning. However, with a 22-guest maximum capacity, bigger parties will also find everything they need for a voyage like no other.

Facilities & activities

Unparalleled access to the water means exploring diving spots that would otherwise be unreachable. Complete with a PADI Dive School, liveabroad naturalist and traditional dhoni, it’s your very own floating watersport hub.

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