Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign – Great Value Private Jet Charter

The Citation Sovereign is among the most loved jets in the travel industry. It combines in-flight comfort with excellent flight capabilities, for a price that will probably surprise you. 

This is the classic holiday jet, offering a mix of convenience, luxury and price. 

Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign

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Dušan Blaščák, CEO of Zahura Private Air Travel, summarises why the Citation Sovereign is so popular. 

“Clients like this jet because of a perfect combination of range, price, capacity and baggage space size.”

A spacious cabin usually accommodates nine passengers plus hand luggage. There’s a toilet, Wi-Fi, in-flight dining and a warming sense of luxury. 

Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign

With a Citation Sovereign luxury is the possibility. You can fly over 4000 kilometres, so any destination in Europe is made accessible with a direct flight. From Prague you can reach as far as Lapland, Morocco and Iceland

“If you’re looking for the best range to capacity ratio this is the perfect jet, especially for bigger groups of six to eight people who need to take more baggage.”

But the jet also provides great performance over short distances, especially in relation to its price. Destinations like the Amalfi Coast, San Sebastian and Montenegro are all made fast and easy. 

Arrive 15 minutes before departure and don’t limit yourself to major international airports – private jets like the Citation Sovereign will take you to small, regional airports, much closer to your ultimate destination. 

This is one of the best midsize private jets and works best when you have six to eight passengers. We like the Cessna Mustang for only two to three passengers, plus the Falcon 7x for ten to 16 passengers. 

Head inside and the almost eight-metre cabin typically has a refreshment centre plus the popular double-club seating. Nearly three cubic metres of baggage capacity should be good enough for most travellers – it equates to one suitcase per passenger. 

Dusan explains further:

“The cabin size is smaller compared to other aircraft with this range or size, but this is compensated by the price.”

Ultimately, this private jet is so popular for its price. Our clients are usually surprised by the Citation Sovereign’s cost, especially when calculating the amount of time a jet charter will save.

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