Dreamy & Bespoke Cabo Sail


The glistening waters of Los Cabo are a natural haven. Aboard your luxury vessel, this ocean playground is yours to unwind. Beneath a mellow Mexican sun, lounge and dine to your heart’s content. Watch the horizon sway with the breeze. Breathe in the serendipity.

Choose from a fleet of sailboats, yachts and catamarans for your private charter, each epic and sleek in its own way. Steer the course of the day on this customised sail. Your personal interests determine the route. Relish the seclusion of just you and your guests, as you approach famous sights like The Arch and Land’s End. But that’s not all this bespoke excursion has in store.

Feeling adventurous? Exclusive diving and snorkelling excursions can be arranged. Craving romance? Well, how does sunset paddleboarding followed by gourmet dishes sound? Sip on a cocktail as your captain leads you to whales, a divine experience available in the winter months. Or simply sit back and relax on deck, where the charming crew have conjured their own surprise.

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