Boat Cruises across Dalmatia

Sail your way through the spoils of Dalmatia, and discover a shoreline full of coastal gems. The waterfront towns here are quaint and dazzling. Uninhabited islands ooze natural charm. This is a voyage boasting peace and seclusion. Savour an itinerary entirely in your hands.

A country as aquatically rich as Croatia can only be done right from the waves. Aboard your stylish private boat, no destination is too demanding. Choose from an array of yachts and catamarans, and select the cruiser that’s right for you. The crew will handle the rest promptly, ensuring you’re equipped for the journey in all manner of ways.

A wealth of islands appear before you, as you cast your gaze across the horizon. Your preferences steer the course of the charter. You determine the length of time at each stop. Try your hand at deep-sea fishing. Azure waters tempt for a dip. Unwind and laze amid hidden coves, as your chef prepares an intimate meal out on the deck.

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