Global Express Private Jet – Speed, Distance & Freedom

Small things can make a big difference when you’re on a 12-hour flight. And it’s the small details where the Bombardier Global Express is really in a class of its own.

Sure, there are cheaper jets to charter, especially if you’re only flying in Europe (consider the BeechJet 400A). But if you want absolute freedom and possibility, check out what this plane can do.

Bombardier Global Express: Fly anywhere for your next holiday

Fly Anywhere

Among the new class of ultra long-range private jets, the Global Express can fly between any two points on the globe with only one refueling stop.

Prague to Rio de Janeiro to see the carnival is a nonstop flight. Fly direct from Bratislava to Oman for a winter beach break. The Global Express can even fly nonstop from Prague to Koh Samui in Thailand.

Fly to the Maldives direct from any airport in Europe. Fly further south in the Indian Ocean as well – Seychelles, Madagascar and Mauritius are all nonstop flights for this large jet.

Enjoy the Space Inside

Inside a Global Express

Need a Private Jet for Your Next Trip?

However fast your airplane, flying to the other side of the world takes time. You want to be comfortable, whether it’s four hours or 12 hours.

Cabin space is one reason business travellers love this jet. Usually there are 13 – 16 seats in a cabin that can be split into private sections, perfect when you all want your own space. The cabin can be configured with four single and two double beds.

Maximise Your Time

There are different cabin configurations for your flight.

Cruising speed can reach 900 km/h, so your holiday destination arrives much faster than with smaller private jets.

Of course, with a private jet charter you set the departure time as well. Arrive just 15 minutes before departure. And fly between the most convenient airports, not just big commercial hubs. Door-to-door travel time is reduced even further when you use local airports closest to your final destination.

Absolute Freedom

The luxury is the time you save and the possibility this creates.

Many amazing destinations are simply unachievable without a three-leg commercial flight. Will you travel there if it takes two days? Especially when it then takes two days to fly back home?

Charter a Bombardier Global Express and you buy yourself freedom and time. So you can go explore anywhere.

So…where will you fly?

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