Cessna Mustang – The Romantic-Weekend Jet

What do you do when you want a romantic weekend just for two?

  1. Go to the country house, again.

  2. Choose from a few destinations with direct and convenient flight connections on a Friday.

  3. Charter a Cessna Mustang and fly direct to almost anywhere in Europe.

We’ll focus on number three. You can focus on the others as well, it depends how much you are in love.

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Of course your partner will be impressed – you chartered a private jet for your weekend. But let’s not get too carried away just yet. The aircraft is cool. The real romance is where you can go.

So keep it a surprise. With a Cessna Mustang you can fly direct to destinations up to 1,800 kilometres away. That’s almost all of Europe…direct. No changes, no waiting, no wasting time. You fly straight to a destination your partner didn’t think you could visit for the weekend.

Cessna Mustang 4

Now we’re getting more romantic. Let’s add a bottle of Champagne on board. A table at a sought-after restaurant. With a Cessna Mustang you can land at a local airport, instead of an international airport. This saves so much time. Time you can spend in the hotel before your dinner reservations.

The downside of a private jet is that it’s more expensive than a commercial flight. You pay for the possibility. You can go anywhere in Europe for the weekend. And for a romantic weekend, we recommend the Cessna Mustang. It’s one of the cheapest jets you can charter, while also having an outstanding safety record.

Cessna Mustang

Our private jet specialist Dušan Blaščák, CEO of Zahura Private Air Travel explains why.

“The smallest Cessna is very popular due to lower costs and the Cessna trademark, which brings reliability and many pilots with previous experience on this aircraft type.”

A Cessna Mustang can only take four passengers. So will you take a plus one? Of course not, this is a romantic weekend and the Cessna Mustang is ideal for two passengers plus multiple luggage.

“Compared to larger jets, the Mustang is limited by range, speed, a smaller cabin height and only having an emergency toilet. But the price point is superb and it’s comfortable and spacious for two passengers.”

So when you want a romantic weekend just for two, where does your partner really want to go? With a Cessna Mustang you can make it possible. And we can help with all the details.


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