Inside a BeechJet 400A – The Weekend Private Jet

A BeechJet 400A can fly you in private to most destinations in Europe, at almost any time. It’s one of the most popular and affordable private jets for charter, perfect for 6 – 8 passengers who truly value their time. We think it’s the perfect weekend jet, especially if you’re new to the benefits of flying privately.

BeechJet 400A

Flying by private jet is a symbol of status, but don’t charter a BeechJet 400A if you’re only interested in Instagram photos. This is a relatively simple aircraft and there’s nothing too luxurious about the interior, however comfy the seats may be.

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With the BeechJet 400A, luxury is the time you will save. With a flying range of 2400 kilometres, you can travel direct from Prague to most European destinations. Like Granada in southern Spain, Cappadocia in Central Turkey, or the vast Riksgransen ski area in northern Sweden. All these destinations would otherwise require a seven-hour, two-leg flight, if you are lucky.

Beechjet 400A interior

Price point is a key feature of the 400A. Dušan Blaščák, CEO of Zahura Private Air Travel helps to explain why this private jet is cheaper than others.

“This is a bit of an older model and will more or less leave the charter market in the next 5 – 10 years. It has a nice range, with two to three hours of flying time with several people on board. With modification and refurbishment, a BeechJet 400A is upgraded to a Nextant 400XT, which has a longer range and is more expensive.”

In general a Beechjet 400A is permitted to land at any runway longer than 1.4 kilometres. That means most airports in Europe. Usually, a small and unknown domestic airport is the closest to your final destination. You can’t always land at any time, because some airports are not open 24 hours. But in general, you have control over departure times and a flight will fit your schedule.

BeechJet 400A Interior

Plus, you only turn up 15 minutes before departure. Just think about how much more of Europe you could explore, if you didn’t waste a whole day travelling. It’s a whole new world of possibility for your weekend.

BeechJet 400A aircraft are ideal for short European trips and there are four good reasons for their popularity. Unlike smaller jets, their range is long enough to reach most destinations on the continent. Iceland, Tel Aviv or Portugal are out of range. But just about everything closer is within range. They are fast at 820 km/h but also fuel efficient. Unlike larger and more opulent private jets, the 400A is very good value. For Dušan Blaščák, weekends are best for the 400A.

“It has very nice passenger capacity for a light jet with seven standard seats and one combined toilet seat. The main disadvantage of this aircraft is baggage capacity. You are limited to eight hand luggages with eight passengers on board, so perfect for the weekend.”

If you are going for a longer stay you can take more luggage on board, but in this case the seats are occupied by baggage, not passengers, and each bag needs to be belted down.

These planes have two pilots, twin turbo engines and a pressurised cabin. With an air charter you charter the entire plane, so it’s best value to fill the seats. For only four passengers consider an Embraer Phenom 100. If you are only two passengers we’d recommend a Cessna c510 Mustang instead. These two very light jets are a little slower, can’t fly quite as far, but are cheaper.

The original 400s were manufactured by Mitsubishi but their popularity really took off with the 400A, because it’s bigger, faster and 20% more fuel efficient. The updated model also includes space for a flight attendant, catering service and a toilet. So it’s really comfortable to fly for three hours – for example, the Mustang only has an emergency toilet.

The true luxury is provided by combining the 400A’s flying range with its price. When you can fly anywhere in Europe, at almost any time, you create both time and opportunity for yourself. With this plane you can really be a weekend explorer.

Demand for private air charters has increased significantly during the pandemic. More of our clients are flying private to a wider range of destinations. So the BeechJet 400A has been one of our best friends recently – it has all the advantages of a private flight for 6 – 8 passengers, at a reasonable price.

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