Private Yacht Cruise with Gourmet Chef


The blissful waves of Lake Zurich await your affection. Embark on a private cruise through these calm and clear waters, on the custom-built motor yacht known as Queen Z. This is a classic vessel of mahogany furnishings, with a carefully-thought layout ideal to unwind.

As you climb aboard your exclusive voyager, the charismatic crew greets you with smiles. The captain and stewards are at your disposal, ready to cater to your every whim. Among them is a gourmet chef. Hired for both his talent and gusto, his cheeky grin hints at the surprises that lie in store.

The course of the day takes you past charming lakeside villages. Sneak a peek at the gardens of coveted shoreline abodes, as you glide along the stunning scenery of the Swiss Gold Coast. Soak up the sun whilst lounging on deck, then savour a refreshing dive before you dine. Enjoy crisp drinks and creative plates prepared to your preference, against a magical sunset backdrop in the shadow of castles and the Alps.

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