Balearic Islands - Exclusive Yacht Cruise


Picture a tranquil day out at sea over the glistening Mediterranean. From the comfort of your luxury cruiser, you can glide the ocean in style. A revitalising breeze wraps itself around you. Glass of local wine or beer in hand, the warmth of the Spanish sun kisses your skin. Dip into crystal-clear waters that beckon, as the local chef prepares a regional feast onboard.

A wealth of yacht types and sizes are yours to choose from. Customise your voyage further with a tailormade route. A charismatic crew waits to welcome you, led by a knowledgeable captain who knows all the best dive spots. Explore the Balearic Islands from the waters and savour its unique appeal. Enjoy hard-to-reach beaches, bays and secluded coves.

Your private charter is easily extendable into a multi-day tour, letting you relish shores known to dazzle with a glamour that is world-renowned. Recline as you drift along picturesque villages. Doze to the lapping of translucent waves. Visit towns wrapped in pirate legends, on an itinerary steered by your own personal tastes.

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