Go Camping by Private Jet – Only in America

Fly by private jet to remote national parks. Then sleep in a tent. Can you be a happy camper after spending €100k on a flight?

Our friends in the USA certainly think so. Welcome to glamping by private jet.

Embracing the Extremes

And after the private jet you will be camping…

It sounds bizarre doesn’t it? Lounge on the plush leather seats of your private jet. Travel in absolute style and comfort. Then sleep in a canvas tent. And lounge around the fire in your collapsible camping chair.

What other travel experience offers you more space on the plane than at your accommodation?

Or a bigger bathroom during your travel than at your destination? Who would spend €100k to go…camping? Apparently a lot of people do, because this holiday experience is almost sold out for 2022. But why?

Exploring America’s Most Remote Places

A private glamp camp in Yellowstone National Park. Is this your idea of luxury?

The tents are fitted with queen beds, down comforters, flushing toilets and hot showers. At 14 square metres they’re big for camping tents, but still have far less space than the interior of a Dassault Falcon 7x. There’s nothing luxurious about this camping, certainly not in the traditional sense of luxury.

So that’s where the private jet comes in. Just about anywhere with a hotel or lodge is accessible by road. The luxury of a private jet is the possibility it creates.

You can fly anywhere. And sometimes anywhere doesn’t offer a place to stay.

Fly to Bryce Canyon and and explore Utah’s desert canyons with a local Navajo guide, visiting canyons which are completely off limits to other travellers and guides.

Bryce Canyon National Park is 400 kilometres from an international airport.

Land on a dusty airstrip in Grand Teton National Park, or a wet airport in Katmai National Park, then go on safari in search of bison, bears and moose.

Grizzly bears don’t usually live near cities. You need to fly somewhere remote first.

Fly to the Arctic Circle and venture into Nunavut’s desolate badlands, exploring waterfalls, canyons and a pod of 2000 beluga whales.

Private jet glamping can take you to Canada as well as the USA.

If you take three months off work then maybe, just maybe, you can take a road trip to these remote places. A private jet creates time and makes these adventures possible.

Sleeping in the Wild

It’s called glamping. It’s not. Really, it’s just camping in the wild. In Canada’s British Columbia it might be camping in an area populated by grizzly bears.

Surely canvas walls will keep you safe from hungry bears?

You won’t have a marble bathroom but just imagine the stargazing. And what can beat a night around the campfire, like at this Custom Yellowstone Glamp Camp.

Okay, it doesn’t look luxurious. But just wait for the stars…

These are private camps and they are set up in secluded places where no other visitors venture. Tranquillity is also a luxury in today’s world. So just imagine camping on the edge of the Grand Canyon, many kilometres from all the tourist crowds.

Did you know a private dinner table with a view that beats this?

So will you be a happy camper after spending €100k on chartering a private jet? Actually, you don’t need to go camping. Our friends can also arrange a private jet adventure with five-star lodge accommodation, with local experts showing you destinations like Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon national parks.

And if your idea of adventure is a USA national park road trip then we have you covered as well. There are many ways to explore and glamping by private jet is just one of them.

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