Ready to Go Luxury Wild Camping… in Oman

Picture golden sand dunes, stretching as far as your eye can see. Now picture driving over the dunes, to a place where sand meets sea. Nobody else has passed through here for years. Yet here you can spend the night beneath the stars. In absolute comfort. 

Oman is quite simply the best country in the world to experience wild camping.

Wild camping is a legal right in this country of beautiful Arabian wilderness – anyone can camp anywhere, anytime. 

Ready to Explore Oman?

So you could rent a 4WD and set off exploring a country the size of Germany on your own.

And if you’re a camping pro and can read maps better than Tintin, you may just about survive. Even if you don’t know where to go. 

But we’re dreaming about wild camping in comfort, even luxury. We’re dreaming about camping in untouched locations that don’t appear on any maps. On Arabian sands; besides turquoise waters; on rugged mountains; in narrow canyons where water trickles to form palm oases.

Yes, we’re talking here about wild exploration made easy. The guide knows where to take you. And a team has already erected your private desert camp.

There are two options. Expedition camps are mobile and stylish. Each tent has a private tented bathroom and a shower open to the skies. Think Arabian rugs, oil lamps, toiletries and lavish furnishings. 

These camps hark back to the old Arabian expeditions. Expect china crockery, a linen tablecloth and a private chef. The only thing missing is the camel caravan to accompany you. 

Star tent camps are a lot simpler. A four-poster bed and mattress beneath the stars, with only a mosquito net for a roof. There’s a separate bathroom tent plus a seating area with majlis rugs and cushions. These lightweight camps are cheaper and enable access to Oman’s most remote corners. And by remote we’re talking about places that tourists have never seen before. 

Did you know that Oman has over 3,000 kilometres of coastline? Or mountains rising over 3,000 metres above the desert? Or that the Oman Desert is bigger than the Czech Republic?

And it’s 2022, so you don’t need to be Lawrence of Arabia or a camel herder to cross the wilderness. You can do it for just one night, 24 hours to explore and experience something completely different. It’s also a great option when combining different Omani hotels – why not stop on route and feel Arabia as it used to be?

We love this travel experience because it’s completely wild, yet also very comfortable.

Don’t be tempted to call it glamping. The Arabians did camps since long before camping was cool. So this isn’t something new and trendy, but a new way to explore tradition. 

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