How to Explore Iceland This Summer (With the Family)

Iceland was our number four top travel trend for 2022. Not for winter adventure, but exploring in summer, with the whole family. Iceland makes wild adventure incredibly easy, whatever your age.

There’s pure wilderness to explore: volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, geysers, glaciers, lava flows, mountains, ice fields, natural spa pools.

GeoSea in North Iceland is a spectacular spa. Want to visit?

What’s amazing is that all this adventure is just steps away from the road. It’s super comfortable here and you can combine so much with almost 24 hours of summer daylight.

Our Iceland page has more inspiration about travelling in Iceland. Now let’s get practical. In this Explorer article we answer where to stay, what to do and how to explore with a family.

Want to explore Holtstangi?

Where to Stay in Iceland

Iceland’s accommodation options have improved remarkably over the last ten years. We’re super excited about new exclusive-use properties in the country’s most remote areas, away from the tourist trails.

Think farmhouses converted into boutique, high-luxury accommodation, surrounded by silence and surreal nature.

Places where your children have space to run around and make a mess. Bases from which to discover nature that few people know exists. They’re perfect for families and come with local hosts.

We know some very private and intimate family getaways in remote Iceland.

We recommend combining these private stays with the country’s best hotel and lodge accommodation. Our private consultant Tomas Safarik gives his view on some of these.

”At Deplar Farm, isolated luxury reaches new levels, making this THE base to stay at when discovering northern Iceland. Expect premium wellness on an 18th-century sheep farm.”

Deplar Farm is the best luxury hotel in Iceland.

In Reykjavik, the new Konsulat Hotel is trendy past-century property glistening in old grandeur. Also check out 101 Hotel and Tower Suites Reykjavik, plus there’s a new Edition on its way.

Access to natural attractions and seclusion make Hotel Ranga a perfect base from which to explore the south of Iceland. While luxury isn’t of the absolute highest level, the surroundings are magnificent.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon is the most famous hotel in all of Iceland, a lunar-inspired oasis, where suites are located on the mineral-rich pools. Best for children over 12 and perfect as a final stop as it’s very close to the international airport.

The Retreat also gives you access to a private area of the famous Blue Lagoon.

Getting Around Iceland

There’s a beautiful and paved road going all around Iceland. So you can circumnavigate the island in around ten days if you wish. No four-wheel driving is required and this is a good option if you don’t want a driver.

Want to Explore Iceland with Experts?

The interior mountain roads are a lot rougher. You’ll need a four-wheel drive and it’s a lot slower going, but it’s not too challenging, even with young kids. It can be easy to get lost up here though.

Ready to explore Iceland?

Helicopters can also be used to access Iceland’s more remote places, a very good option if you are quite short on time.

We can arrange fully customisable trips with a private driver-guide. It’s more comfortable than driving yourself. But more than that, a driver guide can take you to places that aren’t on the maps, aren’t on the Instagram reels. In a land of so many natural wonders, it pays to have local expertise on your side.

Welcome to your summer playground!

What to Do in Iceland

This is the easy part. Some of these activities you can do in other countries, but it will take you days to get there. Or won’t be suitable for kids. No other country offers so much variety of things to do, in such a small and easy to get around space. Plus, many of these things are highly unique.

Do you know the location of these naturally heated baths?

All this is in addition to the waterfalls, the easy walks, the city exploration and the overwhelming sense of adventure that makes Iceland so great.

Your Iceland Adventure

Whatever you want to do in Iceland and whatever your needs as a family, we’ll help you have the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll live out a very unique story here, a holiday story completely different from everyone else.

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