Your Long Holiday Weekend…in Israel

City. Beach. Culture. Art. A history and intrigue beyond anywhere else. Welcome to Israel. Are you ready to explore?

With direct flight connections between Prague and Tel Aviv, Israel is perfect for a short trip that’s completely different to any other. Here’s an itinerary we’ve planned for one of our clients.

Day 1 – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s long, long beach. Do you know this is a city on the Mediterranean?

With its vibrant beachfront, renowned Modernist architecture, and bustling street life, Tel Aviv is a city that always surprises. It’s a great place to party, but also to explore art and history. And then there’s the beach.

Add to this a good selection of five-star hotels and you can hopefully see why Tel Aviv deserves your time. We love the Norman Hotel for its boutique style and location in the World Heritage White City neighbourhood.

Kempinski will open a beachfront skyscraper on March 15th and all rooms have sea views. The premium 15 suites include exclusive daytime access to the rooftop pool.

Day 2 – Tel Aviv

Jaffa is one of the world’s oldest Jewish settlements.

Ready to Explore Israel?

Spend a morning really discovering the city. Follow an architecture journey through the White City, home to over 4000 buildings in the Bauhaus style. Trace the art through the 1930s to 1950s, then get lost in Old Jaffa.

Stone-paved streets hide courtyards and surprises in the old Jaffa neighbourhood. So absorb the atmosphere, visit galleries and studios, and find secrets revealed by your guide.

For the afternoon? Time to hit the beach or lounge besides a rooftop pool.

Day 3 – Jerusalem

Ready for an iconic photo stop? Here’s the skyline of the Old City at the Western Wall and Temple Mount.

It’s only one hour by road to Jerusalem and there’s an underground ammunition factory on route. Don’t worry, nobody’s getting shot, Israel is certainly safe to visit. The factory is disguised as a laundry service and ceased operations in 1948 – now it’s a very interesting museum.

Now Jerusalem? What words can possibly describe a city at the crossroads of three religions? For explorers, few places are as interesting or surprising as the old city. So there are no spoilers from us here – go and explore!

You probably know of the Western Wall. Well, we’ll help you explore the Western Wall Tunnels, an underground complex that tells so much about Jerusalem’s history and present. Nearby you’ll explore the City of David, a place as compelling as its ancient name.

Day 4 – Jerusalem

Mamilla Hotel finds a balance and harmony. What do you think of this style?

Jerusalem is at a crossroads between old and new, sacred and social, past, future and all that happened in between. We love The Mamilla Hotel, because it reflects this complexity but it’s also so fresh and comfortable. The design is eye-catching and it recently won Israel’s best hotel spa.

You could happily spend a week in Jerusalem and still not explore all the sites. A couple of standouts for today are The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Mount of Olives, and Via Dolorosa, which crosses both the Christian and Muslim Quarters’ markets.

Visiting the Western Wall at sunset is always a moving experience – Mondays and Thursdays are a lot of fun, as you’ll experience Bar Mitzvah ceremonies here as well.

Day 5 – Departure

Via Dolorosa – a legendary street full of surprise. Ready to explore?

If you have the time then keep exploring. Israel has a seemingly endless list of iconic places from the past. Like Mount Zion, Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee (it’s actually Israel’s largest lake), the Dead Sea, the Red Sea.

And if you don’t have time now there’s always next time. In such a complex yet easy to explore country, Israel is a destination many people return to.

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