Wow…10 Insane Arctic Experiences for This Summer

Summer is coming so let’s travel to one of the coldest places on earth. Seriously. Summer is when you can really explore the Arctic. Imagine 24 hours of daylight, travelling to some of the world’s most remote places, and doing these ten insane experiences.

We partner with Quark Expeditions, the leaders in polar exploration. These are just some of the cool things to do from their new new vessel, the Ultramarine.

1. Go on a Polar Bear Safari

By following the ice sheet you can get close to these remarkable creatures.

Over 3000 polar bears live in the Svalbard archipelago. During summer they hunt for seals along the edge of the ice. These remarkable creatures are regularly encountered from small zodiac boats, especially around Spitsbergen. Quark do a two-week voyage that follows polar bears rather than following a fixed itinerary.

2. Cruise the World’s Largest Fjord System

Explore one of the world’s most remote places – just imagine the secrets within the world’s largest fjord system.

Icebergs float through polar blue. Ice sparkles. Stretching more than 600 kilometres on East Greenland, Scoresby Sund is the greatest fjord system of all, a landscape too vast for words.

3. Hike & Camp on the Arctic Tundra

Your tent on the Arctic Tundra? Reachable only by helicopter?

It’s so remote you need a helicopter to reach the Arctic Tundra. There are no five-star hotels, but you can camp on this completely untouched landscape. Then walk in pristine valleys and watch the colours of polar twilight from your sleeping bag.

4. Fly & Hike the Greenland Ice Sheet

Imagine an ice sheet that’s 20 times the size of the Czech Republic.

Want to Explore the Wild Arctic in Comfort?

It’s disappearing, but the Greenland Ice Sheet still covers more than 1.5 million sqkm. It’s 20 times bigger than the Czech Republic and in some places the ice is three kilometres thick.

On a sightseeing flight you can see the ridges, peaks, crevasses and cracks, the colours from sparkling white to turquoise and blackened abyss.

5. Find Walrus on Moffen Island

Ready to get up close to these unusual animals?

Muffen Island has the world’s largest population of walrus. A zodiac boat must stay 300 metres from the shore, but it’s not uncommon for these misunderstood giants to swim past your boat.

6. Polar Plunge in the Arctic

Do you dare to swim in the Arctic Circle?

Want a leisurely holiday swim in tropical waters? Well, look elsewhere. Like the Maldives or Sicily. Taking a polar plunge is a rite of passage and the water is very very cold in the Arctic Circle.

7. Bathe in Hot Springs at Unnartoq

These volcanic waters in Greenland will warm you up.

This should warm you up. On an uninhabited island, surrounded by drifting icebergs, you’ll find three natural hot springs. It’s an outdoor spa for the adventurous.

8. Search for Muxkoxen

Who wins this battle between two big males?

These wild and unruly creatives roam in herds across their Arctic homes. Only from closeup can you appreciate their size and power. These animals are really nothing like farmyard cows.

9. Cruise Lindenow Fjord on a Zodiac

These landscapes change every year, so what you see won’t be seen by others.

Tidewater glaciers create the otherworldly shapes in Lindenow Fjord. It’s one of the smallest and least explored Greenland fjords. And probably the most beautiful.

10. Sea Kayaking in the Arctic

Will you kayak in the Arctic blue?

Experience the scale of mother nature. You feel small when you paddle in the Arctic, amid a sea of icebergs. You can paddle away from your vessel. On a ultramarine cruise you can even go heli-kayaking!

Want to Explore the Arctic?

The Ultramarine, the most advanced Arctic vessel.

We love Quark Expeditions because they provide the highest quality of Arctic Travel. The most advanced vessels, best off-ship adventures, most interesting itineraries and customisation of your trip. Their new Ultramarine vessel has its own helipad, so you can fly far beyond where other cruises go.

Will you go to the Arctic this summer? Instead of a tropical summer holiday – or as well?


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