New Zealand is Reopening! Visit, Before the Crowds

Finally, one of the world’s greatest ever travel destinations is opening to visitors.

From May 2nd there’s a window of opportunity. Over the next 6 – 12 months you can explore this magical country, before the tourist crowds return. Questions remain.

Are hobbits dangerous? Can one holiday include vineyards, volcanoes, beaches and skiing? Where’s Middle Earth really?

This short guide can’t answer all your questions or provide personalised travel advice. For that we have travel designers. This short guide is to get you started.

Will you visit the Bay of Islands?

New Zealand Reopens on 2nd May

New Zealand is reopening to travellers from visa-waiver countries, on 1st May at 23:59.

There are 60 visa-waiver countries, including Czech Republic and all EU countries. Check for your country here.

Will you visit Tongoriro Volcano?

What are the entry requirements?

  • Valid COVID-19 vaccine (no booster required)
  • A negative test (PCR or Antigen)
  • To do two self tests on days 1 & 5.
How about whale watching in Kaikoura. Will you do it?

Travel to New Zealand Soon

You can now travel to many countries without any tests. So why bother with the hassle?

Quite simply, the next 6 – 12 months is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore New Zealand before millions of tourists return.

Personal New Zealand Travel Advice. We're Here.

Perhaps hiking on Franz Josef Glacier is more you thing.

Know New Zealand’s Two Distinct Islands

Think of New Zealand as two very different destinations in one.

North Island is green volcanic hills, long tropical beaches, bucolic farming landscapes and Maori culture. Most of it looks like Middle Earth.

Mt Maunganui on North Island

South Island is jagged mountains, fjords, glaciers, remote lakes and virtually no people. Most of it is a dramatic wilderness.

Queenstown on South Island

Each island offers hundreds of different destinations and experiences. Like a helicopter over volcanos, hiking on glaciers, lazy days on a private beach, exploring vineyards, movie locations, rivers, ski slopes and more. They’re best explained in person, when we discuss your trip.

For now, know two things. Plan to visit both islands, because their contrasts are central to the overall experience. Expect to spend most of your time exploring the outdoors. New Zealand offers the world’s ultimate outdoor adventure, so if you don’t like the outdoors, go somewhere else.

Will you go stargazing at Mount Cook?

Travel in New Zealand

New Zealand is surprisingly big and it’s far from home. Aim for a minimum of two weeks.

Combining New Zealand and Australia in one trip is tempting, but it’s extremely ambitious to do two once in a lifetime trips in one.

How about some days at the Marlborough vineyards?

The easiest way to get around is on Air New Zealand’s brilliant domestic flight network. Scenic helicopter flights are also a great option.

Pick three to five “bases” and spend a few days at each. For example, Queenstown for fjords, hikes and adrenalin activities. Rotorua for volcanoes and Maori culture. The far north of North Island for tiny tropical islands and beaches.

Maybe a helicopter over Mount Aspiring?

Forget the campervan. It’s not comfortable and the roads are slow. Plus, there are five-star hotels in the wilderness instead. When it comes to high-quality accommodation, New Zealand has it all.

City hotels, wilderness lodges, converted farmhouses, private islands…the style issmall-scale, boutique, often owner-operated. We’ll advise based on your preferences. For now, know that the luxury in New Zealand is on par with Europe.

Is Lake Marian your choice for a waterside retreat?

Will You Take This Opportunity?

Almost everyone claims they want to visit New Zealand. So why don’t they go? Sure it’s far away. But the travel is so easy and comfortable after you arrive.

Nowhere makes adventure so exciting and easygoing. Nowhere is like New Zealand.

Now is your chance to explore, before all the others.

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