The South America Bucket List

European winter is the best time to explore South America. Jungle, beaches, cultures, ruins, animals, islands, waterfalls, parties and that’s only for starters.

Explore Colombia

Yes, this is Colombia

Imagine a country with private Caribbean islands and beaches. Where you can also escape to coffee plantations in the mountains. Or dance the salsa on a sultry city night. Then head off into the Amazon before ending a holiday on the Pacific coast. Just some of the reasons to visit Colombia.

This is Colombia as well

Most people imagine Colombia as the place for Narcos. That’s how Colombia was, almost 30 years ago. Everything has changed since then. It’s safe to visit, the people are incredibly welcoming, and there are new five-star hotels across the country.

New hotels are transforming the Colombia travel experience

During the 2020s, Colombia will emerge as the must-visit South America destination.

Few other countries can offer such a variety of unique, high-quality experiences. And few countries have such interesting cities to explore either. Like Cartagena, Cali, Medellin and Bogota.

Nature on an Extraordinary Scale

Imagine exploring the Amazon

If you want a place to get lost then go to South America. If you seek to be overawed by nature then go to South America.

It’s where nature is on an unfathomable scale. The Amazon Rainforest is bigger than Europe and stretches across nine countries. We recommend Peru or Ecuador, because the jungle is more easily accessible and there are good quality lodges.

Or is Patagonia more your desire?

Patagonia is just as immense, thousands of unbroken kilometres of wilderness and mountains. Go whale watching, hiking, biking, walking past elephant seals and much more.

Patagonia showcases South America’s ability to offer highly luxurious accommodation in extremely wild settings.

Perhaps Iguazu Falls is the natural wonder highest on your list?

You will be spoilt for choice elsewhere in South America. Make a stop at Iguazu Falls and explore from both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. Take a train through the mountains to Machu Picchu. Discover salt flats, rainbow mountains and deep canyons.

Discover the Galapagos Islands

Lounging on the beach in the Galapagos

The most extraordinary nature is found in the Pacific Ocean. Remote beaches on uninhabited islands, where you share the sand with seals. Turquoise waters, where you swim with turtles as strange iguanas watch on. Volcanic islands to explore, home to the most unique wildlife of all.

Blue footed boobies performing a mating dance

The Galapagos evokes so many superlatives. Here’s a two-week itinerary exploring the best of Ecuador and Galapagos. Here’s a guide to doing the Galapagos in style.

Want a Holiday in South America?

Experience Timeless Hotels

Palacio Nazarenas, a Belmond Hotel in Cusco

South America has offered top-class accommodation for many decades. The best hotels combine all the history and culture, with contemporary hospitality. Let’s take Peru as an example.

Sleep in Palacio Nazarenas in Cusco, a converted colonial palace filled with Incan details. Or use your Bellini Club benefits at Monasterio.

Monasterio in Cusco

One of the world’s best historical hotels, an enchanting Incan palace turned colonial seminary and then Cusco’s first genuine five-star hotel. Magical and old, paradise for living the past.

Titilaka, on Lake Titicaca

CIRQA is a glorious 16th-century convent turned Relais & Chateaux hotel in Arequipa. Titilaka is a new lakeside hotel based on indigenous styles. Stay at a simple yet comfortable wooden lodge in the Amazon, like Refugio Amazonas, or do a shaman ceremony during a stay at Rio Sagrado, a Belmond hotel in the Sacred Valley.

Hang Out on Beaches

The Atlantic Ocean in Rio, Brazil

South America is also a beach holiday destination for the entire family.

Escape to Caribbean islands and find a private place to unwind, amid turquoise and green waters.

A Caribbean beach in Colombia

Explore the enormous empty beaches of the Pacific, where big waves roll in and you find a feeling or pure space.

Embrace the energy of Brazil’s Atlantic Ocean beaches, like the Copacabana. But also find quiet beaches, in a country with an 8000-kilometre coastline.

Paracas National Reserve on the Pacific Ocean, in Peru

Yes, South America is a place for discovery and an active holiday. Just don’t forget your opportunity to enjoy the calm and tranquillity of beautiful beaches.

Hang Out with the People in Iconic Cities

Connect with Incan culture on route to Machu Picchu

Like all the best destinations, South America is known for its friendly and welcoming people. You don’t need to look for authentic culture, you can be immersed in culture from the moment you touch down on the continent.

Spend time with Argentinian “gaucho” cowboys

From food to dancing, artisanal crafts to late-night frolicking, you’ll feel at home somewhere new. Join the gaucho cowboys on the plains, meet with the Incas in the Andes, follow tribal tradition in the Amazon and find urban chic in contemporary cities like Rio and Buenes Aires.

Experience Rio Carnival

For all the wonders South America will offer, it’s the people you will remember most.

Ready to Explore South America?

What’s on your South America bucket list? Do you dream of once exploring Machu Picchu, the Amazon, Galapagos or Rio?

On an EliteVoyage holiday you can discover the best of the best of these icons. And you can explore beyond the most famous attractions, to uncover the heart of an enchanting continent.

We make it easy and comfortable for you to holiday anywhere. Every time. So when will you explore South America?

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