Europe’s Best Island Resort?

A family-friendly, all-villa, hyper-private spa resort, on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Welcome to Porto Zante. It’s our favourite hotel in Greece right now, one of our favourite properties on the planet for summer 2023.

We have four reasons why. Other amazing hotels can rival Porto Zante Villas & Spa for one or two of these reasons, maybe even three. Nowhere else has all four.

All-Villa Concept Delivering True Privacy

Porto Zante Villas & Spa

Exclusivity and privacy are very hard to find on a popular Greek island, in the middle of summer. They’re hard to find anywhere in Europe, one reason why so many of our clients are looking for villas.

Porto Zante is a low-slung beachfront resort with only nine villas, each exquisitely and individually decorated. It’s rare to find a resort maintaining such an elevated standard across every single accommodation.

Each villa is built 8 – 10 metres above water level, a secret to their heightened privacy. 

You can easily spend a week here without encountering a single other guest. You can easily spend a week here without even knowing there’s an A-lister in the villa next door.

All villas have private gardens, grounds, pools heated day and night, and a pure feeling of isolation. Each has its own piece of the beach too. They vary in terms of the number of bedrooms.

If we had to pick just one, we’d say the Royal Infinity Villa. It’s the newest and has this incredible gazebo that feels like it’s hanging over the beach.

Intimate, Exceptional Hotel-Like Service

Exclusive design-led villas with large grounds and amazing facilities? They’re not common, but we know where to find them on most Greek islands.

The challenge with private villas is the level of service. Incredible service requires experienced management and a large team of amazing staff. Single villas can’t offer this.

Porto Zante sets the global standard for villas-with-hotel-level-service. Owned and operated by a passionate family since 2002, it delivers an aspirational level of personality, detail and individualisation to every guest.

If there’s just one reason to book Porto Zante it’s the service. The personal villa concierges are exceptional: it’s impossible to overstate the level of detail and care they take.

This is where the staff know your name, know what you want, and deliver it before you even think about it.

All the Facilities You Need, Whoever You Are

Another downside to most private villas is the limited facilities. Of course a hotel can offer more facilities than a single villa: it must cater for more guests.

Porto Zante stands out for the diversity of what it offers. An excellent spa on the beach. A kids club. Great water sport options. Any Zakynthos excursion you want, by car, private yacht or other means. You can expect this complete array of facilities in a large five-star resort. Yet Porto Zante offers all this and a lot more, with only nine villas. It’s a private villa resort.

Porto Zante is a couples retreat, a family resort, a place to share with three generations of your family and a place for a honeymoon. There’s everything you need, whoever you are and whoever you travel with.

Facilities around the resort are complemented by the amenities and facilities in your villa. Whatever you want, when you want it. That’s the feeling here.


Porto Zante is a small and intimate resort with two outstanding restaurants.

Open-air Maya Restaurant serves Asian fusion, with the sushi and oysters menu standouts. There’s impressive meat on offer here too. The Clubhouse is Porto Zante’s Greek and Mediterranean restaurant.

There are two bars, the Club House Bar with live music and piano, and also MAYA.

For outside guests, getting a table reservation at either restaurant is challenging. By staying at Porto Zante you have the restaurants’ chefs on speed dial (via your concierge), creating personalised in-villa dining, depending on how you feel each day.

Forget restaurant menus. The chefs will create anything you like, anytime of day.

The world’s best hotel restaurants have turned some hotels into destinations. Porto Zante creates the most exclusive dinner table in the place you are most comfortable, your villa.

Your Greek Summer Holiday

Where was the best hotel service you ever experienced? Which hotel had facilities you’ve never experienced again? Where was your all-time favourite villa or suite?

Can you imagine a summer holiday combining all three?

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