Did you Discover Mongolia Yet?

Those who wander are never lost. How true that is about exploring Mongolia.

You want adventure? You want space?

You want wild, untouched nature?

Do you want a holiday that’s completely different to everyone else?

Then you need to discover Mongolia. Ready to explore?

Mongolia is an adventure you won’t have experienced before.

Want a Holiday that’s Different?

Imagine a country the size of Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and England – combined. But with a population not much more than Prague’s. There are hardly any roads, few permanent buildings. Just wide open space and dramatic landscapes.

Nobody will have the same holiday experience as you, because nobody will travel the same paths you do. Nor will you encounter others on the same trip, for you can go days and days without seeing anybody expect Mongolian nomads.

Return home from Mongolia and people won’t believe what you experienced. Because nobody can even picture Mongolia until they go there and experience it. This country is truly different. And so will be your holiday.

Meet the locals, like these nomadic eagle hunters.

Exploring Space and Creating a New Experience

Mongolia is a land of nomads and wild horses, a place of untouched wilderness that stretches over supreme mountains and monumental steppes.

Want to Explore Mongolia?

Mongolia is raw and remote, an off the beaten track destination in a world where almost everywhere else is on social media.

A camel caravan in the Gobi Desert, another untold story in Mongolia.

Dramatic landscapes set the scene, from towering sand dunes to snowy mountains and ethereal alpine lakes.     Glaciers wrap themselves around slopes of rainbow colours. The grassy steppes roll on and on.

Tucked away in the landscapes you find secluded nomadic groups and their unique ways of living – Kazakh eagle trainers, northern reindeer herders, traditional Mongols with their herds of fuzzy-haired yaks.

Balancing the Challenges with the Rewards

Off the beaten track destinations always mix challenge with reward. Mongolia isn’t always a relaxing holiday. Long distances and no roads make for bumpy journeys. You can take internal flights between regions, but most of the exploitation is about travelling in an old Soviet jeep – or doing a multi-day horse trek.

How else do you explore when there are no roads?

Tourist infrastructure remains limited and you won’t have all your Western comforts. A modern five-star hotel would quickly snatch away the untouched charm that makes Mongolia so memorable. Instead, you’re rolling past wild yaks and nomadic families who invite you into their ger for a sip of mare’s milk or a bite of hard sheep’s cheese.

Okay, sometimes there is a “road.”

Gers are great. Nomads can pack them up within two hours! They’re traditional circular huts, warmed by a fire (often burning dried yak poo), wonderfully cosy and nothing like a city hotel. To experience Mongolia you need to get your hands dirty. You need to forgo 20-minute showers. You must be prepared a four-year-old boy to jump bareback onto his horse and invite you to ride along, or carve strips of horse meat from the bone with a nomadic grandma serving you salty yak butter tea.

But isn’t all this reserved for the insanely intrepid? Fortunately, you don’t need to be a fearless adventure voyeur to explore Mongolia. This country is an accessible way to jump outside your comfort zone. It’s suitable for families, couples, solo travellers and everyone in between.

Gers (or yurts) are surprisingly comfortable and Mongolian hospitality is very warm.

What Will You Do in Mongolia?

Try archery, ride camels, stand on mountain peaks, sit in spiritual temples, climb sand dunes, learn how to build a ger, hear Genghis Khan tales, drink fizzy alcoholic horse milk, and spend endless hours admiring the stars.

Western Mongolia rolls on and on and on.

Visit hot springs in pine forests, gaze upon glaciers in the desert, and watch the panoramas go from lush green to lunar white then burning red.  The landscapes change and the superlatives spiral as you explore the country’s natural wonders.

Every days brings a sublime sense of freedom, of exploring the unknown. It’s relaxing as well, especially the evening fire and the surrounding impressions of silence.

Alpine lakes are a highlight of Mongolia’s north.

When and Where Will You Go in Mongolia?

Don’t worry about where you will go just yet. First just decide that you’re ready to holiday different and explore Mongolia. Lakes, desert, steppes, mountains – every journey is completely different. It depends on the time you have and what you want to experience.

While it’s not for the completely faint-hearted, exploring Mongolia imbues an inspiring sense of freedom and escapism. By using the best ger accommodation and local guides, we can create the classic Mongolian experience while still providing some essential Western comforts.

Just go soon. Because your stories are not the same when your friends already know them for themselves.


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