Introducing Morocco as a Holiday Destination

Morocco is one of the world’s most diverse travel destinations. Artisanal cities. Saharan desert. Shopping in the souks. Magnificent mountains. Atlantic beaches. Old, new, ancient, and everything in between.

Bring your sense of adventure because Morocco will surprise you with its magical carpet ride. Psst…it’s a good destination for families too.

Sidi Ifni, Morocco

Morocco is Defined by its Diversity

Morocco can be a romantic weekend, a two-week family holiday, and an authentic cultural experience. You can be dancing to Gnawa music, surfing quiet waves, taking a camel train into desert dunes and exploring some of the world’s oldest cities.

Moroccan mosaic are typical almost everywhere in the country.

But wherever you go and whatever you do, there will always be tea. Morocco is  a friendly country. Pausing for tea and a conversation is so integral to your experience. Over time you’ll find other constants that bring your diverse holiday together.

Art is another Moroccan consistent standout. They really value artisans here, who maintain the beauty of long evolving traditions.

Awesome Accommodation & Getting to Morocco

Partly thanks to all this art, Morocco has a really good standard of accommodation. You don’t stay in generic hotels, rather, small boutique properties known as riads, kasbahs or palaces.

We love how the accommodation remains so authentic to the destination. And we can advise on what’s old and what’s a fresh reflection of traditional styles.

Royal Mansour in Marrakech is one of our preferred hotels.

You can fly direct to Marrakech from Vienna or Munich. Or take a two-leg flight to various destinations, like Casablanca and Fes. Getting around is easiest with a luxury chauffeured car.

10 Destinations to Consider for Your Morocco Holiday

Marrakech really is a feast for the senses, an ancient city with so much to explore. It is a little chaotic, similar to Istanbul in this regard. But with a good guide you can discover so much in one day.

Inside a souk in Marrakech

Chefchaouen is a mountain town painted in many shades of blue. It’s Morocco’s Instagram favourite yet remains highly authentic and is a peaceful place for some downtime.

Chefchaouen is in northwest Morocco.

Avoid Agadir, it’s a mass tourism trap. On the Atlantic Coast you’ll find Essaouira, with its World Heritage medina and strong heritage for traditional music (Hendrix used to come here for inspiration).

Essaouira is close to many outstanding beaches.

Almost all of Morocco’s east is the Sahara Desert, with sand dunes areas known as “ergs” being the interesting places to visit, such as Erg Chebbi. Fly there by helicopter and spend the night in a magical and private desert camp.

Camel caravan going through the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert

The labyrinthine medieval city of Fes is considered the world’s biggest car-free urban area. It’s a walled maze of wonderful artisans, architecture, sounds, smells and histories.

Overview of the leather tannery in Fez.

The spectacular Atlas Mountains are an easy add on to a stay in Marrakech. We love Kasbah Tamadot, a Virgin Limited Edition property that is very true to its Berber village location.

Casablanca showcases the most modern side of Morocco and isn’t as atmospheric as the country’s other cities. But it does have a convenient airport and some very impressive sights.

The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

Morocco has four imperial cities and the least explored is Meknes, probably because it’s the smallest. Meknes is the country’s most artisanal city, home to 50,000 traditional artisans. It’s a must for art and design lovers.

Inside the Moulay Ismail Tomb, Meknes.

If Hollywood shows the Middle East or Ancient Europe, it’s usually filmed in Morocco. Like Gladiator, filmed at the breathtaking mud-brick village of Aït Benhaddou. There are dozens of interesting spots for movie lovers.

Ait Benhaddou. There’s a Gladiator arena in there.

Don’t consider Morocco as a beach destination. However, there are some amazing stretches of coastline you can add to your itinerary. Like Mirleft, Legzira, Oualidia and Achakar near Tangier. They don’t have accommodation and you may share the sand with camels.

The waves are always quiet in Morocco

Your Morocco Holiday

For us, Morocco is an opportunity to get really creative with your holiday. Everybody who comes here can do something different. And it’s the sort of destination almost everyone wants to return to. Don’t come for a party because although alcohol is available, it’s not part of culture here.

If you like authentic destinations with a lot of new experiences, Morocco is a fantastic place to holiday, surprisingly close to Europe.

While 2022 travel was a lot about nostalgia and the known, 2023 will be bolder and braver. Morocco could be the perfect place to push your boundaries just a little.

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