Awesome Summer Destinations Without Crowds

Where to avoid peak season and savour an exclusive holiday experience, during the school summer holidays.

These exotic destinations will immerse you in culture and nature that’s very different from Europe. And during summer they can be outstanding value too.

Summer is also when we tend to have the most time for travel. Just one more reason to consider these more remote destinations for your holidays.

Costa Rica

Nayara Tented Camp, Arenal, Costa Rica

Deserted Pacific beaches, remote jungle lodges, the feeling of raw exploration without giving up any creature comforts.

Costa Rica is a rare blend of adventure and luxury, amid a mesmerising variety of landscapes. You can have so many different holidays in one here.

Playa Hermosa in the Gulf of Papagayo

We love to create Costa Rica holidays that combine a relaxed beach stay on the Pacific coast, with two or three destinations in the interior.

Costa Rica is great for families too, partially thanks to its developed tourist infrastructure and excellent places to stay. Mostly, because there are so many experiences for all ages.


JOALI BEING, four-bedroom private ocean residence.

Maldives in summer? Yes, we’re sure about this. Although the weather isn’t considered “perfect” it’s still very good for a tranquil beach holiday.

Value is the reason Maldives can be the right destination for your summer holiday.

COMO Cocoa Island

Summer is low season in the Maldives. It means you can get a lot more for your money than in Europe, especially in terms of resort and villa choice.

If you want a relaxing summer beach holiday with your family, we encourage you to explore what the Maldives can offer.


Elephants in the Okavango Delta

Elephants and hippos splashing in the Okavango Delta. Watching a lion pride battle with a buffalo herd. Immersing yourself in the sounds, smells and sights of the animal kingdom.

June to August is peak season in Botswana. It’s the dry season, with the best conditions for seeing wildlife on an African safari.

Elephant at Eagle Island Lodge
Belmond Safaris, Eagle Island Lodge, Okavango, Botswana.

We love Botswana’s dedication to high-value, low-impact safaris, for just a few people. It’s always an exclusive safari in Botswana, whatever month you travel.

So explore Botswana at the best time to go, between June and September. This is a fantastic option for couples who want to experience something different.

French Polynesia

The Brando in French Polynesia

Exotic beaches, tropical lagoons, postcard-perfect mountains and the tranquillity of island life. French Polynesia is the quintessential island dream.

These Pacific islands offer an amazing summer beach holiday, far away from Europe’s crowds.

St Regis Bora Bora

Compared to the Maldives, private islands in French Polynesia are significantly larger and a lot more natural. Overall, you enjoy more privacy and space when exploring or doing activities.

The Brando is just one example, and it’s very sustainable too. Summer is the best time to visit the South Pacific and we love how you can combine different islands and experiences.

Galapagos Islands & Ecuador

San Cristobal island, Galapagos

Seals somersaulting in front of your snorkel. Tortoises crawling on volcanic hills. Rare birds in a mating dance. Sharks, rays, iguanas and so much more.

Strictly controlled tourism has enabled the Galapagos islands to remain pristine and unchanged. Only a small group of people can visit each wildlife site each day.

Galapagos sea lions on Espinosa island

On a small-boat Galapagos cruise you won’t encounter other tourists. It’s just your group, excellent guides, and an absolutely unique wildlife experience.

Summer brings the coolest months and is the best time to view active wildlife. It’s also ideal for exploring mainland Ecuador, where there’s real adventure for all the family.

Asia’s Beaches

Four Seasons Langkawi, Malaysia

Remote island hangouts. Massive villas opening onto a private piece of sand. A sense of excitement as Asia is fully reopening for tourism.

After the complications of the last three years, it’s easy to forget what Asia offers as a destination. For one: amazing summer beach holidays.

NIHI Sumba, Indonesia

Asia can be a great alternative to Europe for a summer beach holiday, especially because of the value it’s offering in 2023.

Travel consultant Tomas Safarik recently reported back from Indonesia, our clients enjoyed an exceptional holiday in Malaysia, and Thailand has some interesting new properties.


A mountain gorilla in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park

Are you curious about gorilla trekking? Want to holiday in one of the world’s hottest new luxury destinations? Rwanda calls your name.

Come face to face with gorillas, stay in some of the planet’s most interesting new properties, and immerse yourself in authenticity.

One&Only Gorilla’s Nest, Rwanda

Summer is the best time to visit Rwanda and the wildlife experience is highly exclusive throughout the year. Like Botswana and Galapagos, access to the incredible wildlife is highly restricted. This is better for wildlife conservation and for you.

Rwanda offers a lot more than gorillas. It’s also good to combine with a neighbouring East African destination, either Kenya or Tanzania.


Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia

Wild open steppes stretching beyond the horizon. Unbounded space. The beauty and freedom of silence. Nowhere else in the world is like Mongolia.

If you want to get far away from home and far away from people, Mongolia offers a therapeutic experience.

An experience with a traditional Kazakh eagle hunter in Mongolia.

Due to harsh weather eight months of the year, summer is the only time to explore the world’s most sparsely populated country.

It’s a very adventurous choice and you won’t enjoy European-style luxuries. But what an adventure!

Norway & Denmark

Lofoten Island, Norway

Most European people look to Southern Europe for their summer holidays. Holidaymakers from other continents do the same.

Why not look north in summer, to the land of the midnight sun, where unexplored nature becomes your family’s outdoor playground.

Highest and most spectacular cliffs in Europe? They’re in Denmark.

Norway and Denmark are increasingly popular summer destinations. They offer genuine adventure close to home, with lots of new experiences for all ages.

Scandinavia’s chic cities are another reason to travel. Plus the design culture. And the gastronomy! Oh, the gastronomy is divine too.

A Summer Holiday Without Crowds

Most people base their summer holidays on the algorithms of booking sites. Or holiday brochures. Which means most people end up in the same place.

We do creative travel design. We’re here for people who don’t, people who value the importance of expertise and a personalised approach.

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