Vietnam: Beach + Adventure Summer Holiday

A stunning summer holiday in Asia, combining a beautiful beach resort with an authentic adventure.

Vietnam is emerging as a top luxury destination, mainly thanks to some amazing new hotels.

We designed a summer Vietnam holiday for one of our clients. Here’s an overview of what’s included and what’s possible, when you combine beach and adventure in Vietnam.

Start in Hanoi

Hanoi is full of symmetry and surprises

Hanoi is the obvious starting point as it’s a comfortable one-stop flight from Prague or elsewhere in Europe, via Dubai, Qatar or Istanbul.

Embrace Hanoi’s vibrancy, explore labyrinthine back streets on a Soviet Minsk motorbike, and dive into the city’s amazing food scene.

Capella Hanoi

Hanoi is a jigsaw puzzle of different eras and histories coming together. We recommend two or three nights, with a stay in an Opera Suite at Capella Hanoi.

Capella Hanoi was designed by Bill Bensley

Opened in April 2022 Capella Hanoi is the country’s best city hotel, wonderfully designed by Bill Bensley, an art nouveau celebration of the roaring twenties in Hanoi.

Now, Relax in the Mountains

The new Avana Retreat

Vietnam is a patchwork of gloriously green landscapes, with forests spilling into rice fields and villages hiding on mountain slopes.

Discover Vietnamese traditions and meet different tribes, on a journey to Mai Chau, a destination that feels very undiscovered.

Pool villa at Avana Retreat

Mai Chau offers a very authentic cultural experience with old-world rural Vietnam. The dramatic nature is ideal for hiking, or simply lying back and enjoying the view.

Avana Retreat delivers luxury in a magnificent setting

Staying here is made possible by the excellent new Avana Retreat. We recommend three to four nights in a private pool villa, with daily spa treatments and personally tailored activities.

Do a Brief Exploration of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is Vietnam’s most famous destination, especially since it became one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World in 2011. It is very popular and many areas of Ha Long are overcrowded.

Mist dancing with limestone karst, surreal pinnacles standing above secluded beaches, caves holding spiritual secrets…Ha Long Bay is undeniably beautiful and hypnotic.

A quieter side of Ha Long Bay

We recommend taking a helicopter or seaplane transfer. Ha Long is spectacular from the air and it’s an efficient way to sidestep the worst of the crowds.

With a one- or two-night private cruise you can explore less-visited areas of Ha Long and discover why this destination is so revered.

Relax on the Coast & Explore Hoi An

Hoi An

Hoi An is Vietnam’s most delightful town, the best place for an inside perspective on the country’s many contrasting treasures.

Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai

In Hoi An we recommend Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, a beachfront property that offers you a lot of space and privacy. How long you stay depends on how much you want to do.

Culinary experience with Chef Duc

Be guided by legendary photographer and local resident Rehahn. Have a culinary experience with the tales and talent of Chef Duc. Create your own healing essential oil blend. Enjoy dinner at a rum distillery with the master distiller.

Photographer Rehahn with the Phu La ethnic group

We know many other curated experiences in this small town of bicycles, canals and balloons. Hoi An is where you explore a Vietnam that most people simply don’t know about it.

Now, Completely Unwind on a Beautifully Secluded Beach

Zannier Bai San Ho on a remote beach in undeveloped Vietnam

Bai San Ho is your final destination. Travel here on The Vietage, a luxury train by Anantara that’s on par with the famed Venice Simplon-Orient-Express in Europe.

The slow-paced romance of the train blurs into the tranquillity of Zannier Bai San Ho, the best new hotel in Asia for many years.

Zannier Bai San Ho, the hottest new property in Asia.

We could spend weeks at Zannier Bai San Ho, on the quiet beach and in the delightful villas. It’s one of the world’s ultimate beach destinations.

Here you’ll enjoy all the luxuries of a top beachfront property. Without losing any Vietnamese authenticity. It’s this combination that makes Bai San Ho such an amazing final stop.

Tailor Your Summer Holiday in Asia

This itinerary is just an overview. Of course there are many different directions you can travel, especially if you can combine Vietnam with another of Asia’s best beach destinations.

Summer is a good time to visit most parts of Asia and the opportunities are endless. If you have two weeks for a holiday, you’ll find Asia offers amazing value in comparison to Europe.

Curious about exploring new places. One of our travel consultants we’ll help turn your curiosity into the holiday of a lifetime.

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