Your Denmark Family Road Trip This Summer?

Denmark doesn’t sound that sexy. But don’t swipe away just yet. Denmark is cool. It has wild beaches, cool cities, tons of stuff for kids, and you can easily drive there.

Sure, it’s not the most exotic destination. It’s definitely different. And it’s hugely underrated. Especially if you want a fun holiday for the whole family, exploring new places and discovering new things, in a laid-back and friendly destination.

Here’s an itinerary we recently created for one of our clients.

Highest and most spectacular cliffs in Europe? They’re in Denmark.

Exploring Denmark as a Family

Days 1 – 3 The Island of Møn

It’s around six hours by road from Prague to Rostock. From here you can take the ferry to Gedser and quickly reach the island of Møn. Empty beaches, ancient monuments, beautiful views and the highest cliffs in Europe.

This is a surprising island and a great place to relax before exploring further. Unfortunately there are no good hotels, so a private apartment rental in Villa Huno is best.


Days 4 & 5 – Copenhagen

Want Your Personalised Europe Road Trip Itinerary?

Copenhagen does have superb hotels. We recommend d’Angleterre, an icon from 1755. It’s one of the oldest grand palace hotels in Europe.

Copenhagen is a spectacular capital city, super chic and also great for exploring with kids.

Blending quaint and chic, Copenhagen is small enough to easily explore with a family, big enough to have cool design, unique gastronomy, summer festivals, candlelit cafes, hipster boutiques and children’s attractions. You’ll be surprised at how cool it is.

Day 6 – Odense to Legoland

Odense is a very interesting stop on route to Legoland. It’s the home of fairytales.

Don’t start with Legoland – it’s always good to give the kids something to look forward to. And on route to Legoland there’s another treat. Odense has the new Hans Christian Anderson Fairytale Museum.

Days 7 & 8 Legoland

It’s a big theme park and children love it. Legoland Castle Hotel is the best place to stay.

Day 9 – Esbjerg

Another small, beautiful, friendly town, perfect when you travelling with kids.

Now back to the family road trip. Esbjerg is a small seaside town ideal for a lazy day with young kids. It has beaches, sculptures by the sea and a super laid-back feel.

Days 10 & 11 – Aarhus

The European City of Culture 2017 and region of gastronomy! Ready to explore?

Aarhus epitomises how Denmark deserves way more visitor attention. It was European Capital of Culture and European Region of Gastronomy in 2017. Art, good, architecture, boutiques, easy-going streets and something different from the usual travels to capital cities. Oh, and its local nickname is “the city of smiles.”

Days 12 & 13 Thy National Park, Skagen & Rabjerg Mile

These dunes are a great adventure with kids.

Finish your exploring by getting back to nature. Hike, cycle and ride horses in Thy National Park, where big waves meet fishing villages, empty beaches and WWII bunkers.

And if you want empty beaches, Denmark has dozens of them.

Rabjerg Mile is a huge moving sand dune. It looks like you’re in Dubai or Oman, in front of these big dunes. Walk up the dune and you have beautiful views onto the sea. Older kids can run down the sand into the sea!

Day 14 – Onwards? Or Back Home

From Skagen you can drive down to Hamburg and then home. Or you can take the ferry across the sea to Gothenburg and continue your Scandinavian journey.


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