Is This the Unsurpassed Spanish Holiday?

Southern Spain is many different holidays in one.

Cocktails at an exclusive beach club. Immersed in tradition at a rural finca. Exploring culture in a fiery city. And lazy days on a quiet beach.

This region is called Andalusia and it’s perfect for combining beach leisure with an authentic explorers experience.

We created this itinerary for our clients. Is it the ultimate Spanish summer holiday?

Your holiday ends on the beach here. But first…

Day 1 – Fly to Seville & Experience Flamenco

There are no direct connections between Prague and Seville but even with a layover it’s less than five hours on Lufthansa. And it will save you a lot of time later because you won’t double back on yourself.

Touchdown for an afternoon of tapas in the place where tapas was invented. Then spend an evening in a flamenco club, in the city where flamenco was invented.

This traditional music emanates from small clubs, the elegiac plucking of guitar strings mixed with songs of love and loss. You will feel what flamenco is all about.

Flamenco originates in Seville. It’s worth visiting Flamenco just to experience this evocative art form.

Day 2 – Recreating the Explorers History

Seville will carry you off with its vibrant rhythm and romantic soul. It’s a fiery, passionate city where life is lived outside, just like it was during the days of Columbus.

All the great Spanish explorers returned from the new world to the port of Seville, creating a city that pours with gold and other riches.

Stay at Hotel Alfonso XIII, a palace built by a king right in the heart of the old city.

This palace-turned-hotel has a great central location and places to cool off from the Seville heat.

Day 3 – Explore the Pueblos Blancos

Perhaps the eternal Andalusian image is a “white village,” standing mysteriously on a hilltop, protected from bandits during Moorish times. Known as pueblos blancos they’re dramatic and seductive, with sweeping vistas and cute restaurants for a three-hour lunch.

One of the mysterious white villages isolated above the Andalusian plains.

Explore some of these on a day trip from Seville to Finca La Donaira. They couldn’t be any more different than Seville.

Want to Truly Explore Spain?

Days 4 – 5 – Finca La Donaira

Now for your rural finca (farmhouse) experience in the Andalusian countryside. Finca La Donaira Montecorto is a fabulous 15-century country house, surrounded by nature, where everything moves at a slow pace.

Experience a traditional finca, updated to 21st-century tastes.

You can’t get more relaxed than this as you experience slow travel in an unexplored region. Ronda is nearby, one of Spain’s oldest cities. It’s where bullfighting was invented, in case you needed any more tradition on your Spanish holiday.

The ultimate Spanish holiday has to include Ronda. It’s a magnificent destination.

Day 6 – Checking Into Marbella Club

After the exploration it’s time for the beach. And where better than the most exclusive beachside residence in the whole of Spain? The other options are Finca Cortesin if you’re a golfer, Our private consultant Tomáš Safarik describes it best.

Classic Andalusian atmosphere plus wellness, golfing, water sports, cocktails by the pool and the beach.

Go for a Grand Villa – this is the unrivalled Spanish holiday after all – with a private pool and butler service. These are the most exclusive accommodations in Marbella, which itself is an exclusive destination.

Marbella Club is the most exclusive place to stay in Andalusia.

Days 7 – 11 – Beach Leisure Holiday Vibes

Spain is ideal for a beach holiday of course and many of the best beaches are in Andalusia.

The Marbella Club is suitable for everyone, really. Children can do a whole range of activities in the kids’ club, while adults will enjoy nature and the Mediterranean.

You’ll also have priority at the Beach Club, the most iconic address on the Marbella promenade, where old-world glamour meets Andalusian tradition. It’s a full service, Champagne and cocktails, relaxing in style type of vibe.

At the Marbella Club you enjoy lots of privacy and space, in the prime beachside location.

And when you’re done with the old-school chic Marbella has a lot more beach clubs to try. Go to a Nikki Beach party and the excellent El Chriniguito at Puente Romano Beach Resort for something fresh and stylish.

Day 12 – Fly Back From Malaga

Smart Wings fly direct from Malaga to Prague six days a week. Eurowings flights are less frequent but at a more convenient time. The airport is a 50-minute transfer from Marbella Club and you can choose to explore Malaga city for a final hit of Spanish culture before your leave.

Your Ultimate Spanish Holiday?

Is this your ultimate holiday in Spain? Or do you dream of Gaudi in Barcelona? Perhaps the Basque Country is more your thing, or you want to explore Spain’s contrasting regions in one trip.

Whatever your perfect Spanish holiday, we know how to make it happen. Talk to us about all your options, whether it’s the best beach hotels or unique experiences with the locals.

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