11 Coolest Things To Do in the Faroe Islands

Now is the time to try these epic experiences in the Faroes. Because it won’t be long before this archipelago is no longer a “hidden” gem.

Not many people have heard of the Faroe Islands. Even fewer can locate them on a map. These mysterious islands mix incredible wilderness with a unique culture and a hyper-modern infrastructure.

It’s a European backwater made for the traveller of today – here’s the complete Faroe Islands guide. To get you started, here are 11 awesome things you can only do in the Faroe Islands.

1. Drive the Undersea Tunnels

These spectacular tunnels beat seasickness any day.

Forget bumpy Atlantic Ocean boat journeys. The Faroes built a network of remarkable undersea tunnels, so it’s easy and fast to explore different islands.

2. Spend a Day with Puffins

One among hundreds of thousands of birds you rarely find elsewhere.

Puffins are those seriously cute birds with colourful beaks.

They’re quite rare. Except on Mykines, where you’ll find 125,000 nesting pairs!

Along with 100,000 storm petrels, 100,000 northern fulmars, huge flocks of gannets, guillemots and shearwaters as well.

3. Explore the World’s Largest Sea Cave

That’s the world’s largest sea cave. So don’t enter without a guide.

A huge natural cathedral, where the light changes every moment and the echos stretch for eternity. No sea cave in the world is as big as Klæmintsgjógv and you can swim in its crystalline waters.

4. Eat with Local Farmers

Yes, they slaughtered the lamb for you.

Home hospitality is huge on these islands.

This is a country where your hosts will slaughter and roast a lamb for your visit.

Then serve it with meatballs, fermented fish, rye bread and local beer. The only prerequisite is that you arrive on horseback.

5. Recreate 007 on Kalsoy Island

In the recent No Time To Die, James Bond actually dies…in the Faroe Islands. The island is home to Safin’s lair, on the big screen. It’s actually Kalsoy, a spectacular day trip excursion which doesn’t involve being blown up by missiles.

6. Explore the Vestmanna Cliffs and Seal Caves

It’s amazing how easily you can explore such remote places in the Faroe Islands

Vertical 400-metre cliff walls topped by tens of thousands of seabirds, who swoop and dive into the Atlantic to fish. It’s a humbling experience cruising beneath these cliffs in a RIB boat. It’s a smelly experience when you reach Álvagjógv and Klæmintsgjógv, caves home to hundreds of seals.

Want to Explore the Faroe Islands?

7. Cold Water Surf with the Locals

Amazing waves only the Faroes know about.

These islands have some of the world’s best, hidden surfing spots. Think quick, steep Atlantic waves, without anybody else around. It’s cold water surfing close to black beaches, so not your tropical image, but there’s no waiting in line for a wave. For beginners it’s best from April to August.

8. Helicopter Over the Faroe Islands

A scenic tour with the most remarkable views.

Waterfalls dropping into the ocean. Craggy gorges and towering cliffs. A lake that hangs mysteriously over the Atlantic. A lost European archipelago. It’s best discovered from the air and while you can do a helicopter tour almost anywhere, few destinations rival the Faroes for unusual scenery. 

9. Dive Kelp Forests and Grottos

Something different to the usual tropical diving experience.

Visibility beyond your imagination. Endemic marine life. Spectacular drop offs. Grottos populated by swimming seals.

Coldwater snorkelling and diving is a completely different experience to tropical diving. It’s ethereal, quiet, almost haunting in its beauty.

10. Majestic Hiking

You won’t share the trail in the Faroe Islands.

Sure, the Alps has good hiking. But the Faroes reveal paths and trails less travelled.

Go with a private guide, or head out on your own. Hike for a couple of hours, or all day. Mountains, valleys, untouched nature.

11. Spectacular Ocean Fishing

What’s on your Faroe Islands dinner menu?

Fishing is essential to local culture and the Faroe Islands simply wouldn’t exist without its ocean bounty. It’s not catch and release here. It’s catch and eat. A lot of fish. Whether fly fishing or deep ocean fishing, this archipelago has some of the world’s best.

Your Faroe Islands Experience

Are you going to wait until everybody knows about the Faroe Islands? Will you wait until this European country is old news? It’s so close. Will you be ahead of the trends?

A paradise awaits those who want to explore.

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