Can You Go Whale Watching Under the Midnight Sun?

Yes you can. In Iceland, this summer. Whales are swimming around boats as the water glistens pink beneath the sun.

It’s amazing to see a whale, anytime. But winters in Iceland are cold. So better cruise in the summer, to see minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, porpoises and humpback whales. Ready?

How close do you want to get to a humpback whale?

Europe’s Premier Wildlife Destination

Iceland is home to some of the largest creatures on earth. Like polar bears. And humpback whales. You can track down a man-eating bear on the ice sheet if you like. But probably not in the company of your kids. Polar bears only occasionally visit and you’ll have more luck searching for an arctic fox.

Whales swim alongside the boats, under the midnight sun.

There’s nowhere else in Europe where you can have a comparable safari-like experience. Not being eaten by polar bears, but getting close to rare and magnificent creatures in safety and comfort. In the summer you don’t need four layers of clothes and you can explore with children of almost every age.

Iceland Experiences are Accessible for the Whole Family

Summer is perfect for a family holiday in Iceland

The midnight sun makes it different. Of course it’s warmer. So much daylight also means more time for exploring. Some of the best wildlife experiences take place close to Reykjavik. So you can stay in the city and easily get out into the wild.

Připraveni poznat Island?

How about a short boat trip to Engey, Akurey or Lundey islands? Puffins breed here during summer, with many thousands of them along the rocky coastline.

Puffin sightings are guaranteed. Imagine showing your kids!

Breathe in the fresh air, discover other birdlife, and perhaps catch yourself some fish. Yep, sea angling is also great in summer and no experience is required. Catch a haddock, catfish or pollack, then the boat crew will barbecue it on board.

Epic Whale Watching Under the Midnight Sun

During June and July you depart at 20:30 for a 2.5 to 3.5-hour whale cruise. The midnight sun casts a seductive orange and pink glow onto the surrounding mountains. Whales emerge, often circling the boat.

Breaching whales are the ultimate wildlife attraction here. Do you see one before?

As with all wildlife experiences, nothing can be guaranteed. But if you don’t see whales you get a complimentary cruise for another day. Small RIB boats can get you closer than the traditional boats. They’re also faster and can cover more distance, although note that the minimum age is ten.

Perhaps the ultimate whale experience is a RIB boat cruise to see the humpback whales of Eyjafjordur, starting from the capital of North Iceland, Akureyri. Up north there are less people and more whales.

Do you want to get off the beaten path? Akureyi is a very interesting city.

Your Iceland Summer Holiday

What about spending a day with reindeer? Or riding an Icelandic horse? Iceland packs a remarkable variety of nature experiences into a small island. It’s one of our trending destinations for 2022. 

So when will you experience Iceland?

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