Camel Desert Safari

Leave the city lights behind and travel back through the sands of time to when camel caravans were the only means of crossing the mighty Arabain Desert. Embark on your own camel safari experience, marvel at the otherworldly sandscape around you and delve into the rich traditions of Bedouin culture.

Stand in awe as falcons swirl acrobatically through the air before diving at speeds up to 390kph. Watch as they return with grace to the arm of their skilled trainer and ponder that this has been an integral part of Bedouin culture for 9 thousand years. Be welcomed to an authentic nomadic desert camp and indulge in Arabic coffee, traditional bread and hubbly bubbly.

The camel ride takes around 45minutes and is not suitable for children under 5 – they might get the hump. With a hotel pick up in the mid-afternoon (2.30-4.30) and an evening return (9.30-11.30pm) the whole experience lasts for around 7 hours. Hotel transfers in a shared vehicle are included in the fee but private transportation is an easily arranged optional extra.

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