Explore Sweden Month by Month

Where’s your next holiday?

You’re probably travelling south. t’s so easy to forget the amazing destinations located north of where we live.

Submit to the thrills of Sweden. It’s raw, authentic and encourages discovery.

Like ice hotels, midnight sunshine, chasing the northern lights with huskies and escaping into the wilderness.

This Nordic country offers something different for every month of the year. So start looking up on the map with these 12 ideas.

July – A Surprising Beach Holiday

Sweden has some surprising private island retreats

Powder-white sand, big dunes, pine forests and few other people. Not the Maldives, but the beaches of Southern Sweden. Okay, it’s not as tropical as the Caribbean or as trendy as Italy, but if you want an empty beach as a family then Sweden will surprise you.

August – Stay in the World’s Coolest Treehouse

Can you imagine staying in this mirrored cube?

You can find some awesome treehouses all over the world. The minimalist eco-friendly treetop stays at the Tree Hotel are the best of them all. Sleep in a UFO. Or a Bird’s Nest, literally a nest in the trees. Or a mirrored cube with a reflective, camouflaged exterior. You won’t have experienced anything like it before.

September – Sailing in Stockholm Archipelago by Private Yacht

Anchor at a small rocky island in the Stockholm archipelago

Waterside Stockholm is all cobblestone and colourful charm. You can explore on foot and also by boat, with a private yacht taking you to remote beaches, wild forests, hidden neighbourhoods and fishing villages. It’s a dreamy place to sail.

October – Discover Gothenburg

The city hall and German Church in Gothenburg

Gothenburg could be your perfect weekend getaway this autumn. It’s small enough to really explore in just two or three days, with a great combination of art, gastronomy, nightlife and culture. It’s a two-leg flight from Prague but there are excellent connections with Lufthansa.

November – Admire the Northern Lights from Aurora Safari Camp


The northern lights are visible in Sweden from September to March. November provides excellent viewing conditions, especially when you stay out in the wilderness. Enter Aurora Safari Camp. Styled on African safari camps, it’s a breathtaking way to find silence and serenity in the middle of nowhere, beneath the northern lights.

December – Sleep in the Famous Icehotel

Sleep inside a temporary art gallery

The world’s original Icehotel is still the most artistic. Every December it opens with an ephemeral exhibition of ice sculpting, with every room individually designed and crafted by an artist. December is the best time to go, because you’ll be among the first to experience the new collection. Definitely come before April. That’s when all the ice melts and the hotel turns to nothing.

Want to Explore Sweden?

January – Experience an Overwater Spa Hotel in Winter

An ice bath that’s actually in the ice, the perfect spa break in winter

To combat the January blues book yourself in for a week of wintery rest and relaxation, at an overwater spa hotel. Arctic Bath is your escape for sauna, steam, ice bath, quiet days and a wintery wonderland.

February – Ride Snowmobiles or Huskies Over Frozen Lakes

Explore the wild with a pack of dogs or by snowmobile

Great expanses of wilderness await and a snowmobile can take you a long way. So zoom across the ice and feel the thrill of an untouched land. Prefer a slower pace? Then try a husky adventure.

March – Exploring Stockholm

A vibrant and colourful capital city, perfect for a long weekend

Stockholm is a romantic city and it starts coming back to life in March. Spend a weekend amid the cafe culture and grand history, with an intimate stay at Lydmar Hotel Stockholm or Ett Hem Stockholm. Or opt for the glamour of Grand Hotel Stockholm.

April & May – Epic Skiing in Riksgransen

Heli skiing at Niehku Mountain Lodge

Straddling the Sweden-Norway border, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, Riksgransen offers over 60 peaks and 5000 sqkm of open skiing terrain. It’s Europe’s best late-season snow with the season running all the way into May and near 24 hours of daylight.

Stay at Niehku Mountain Lodge, a pioneer in heliskiing adventure, where you can expect to descend the height of Everest every single day. It’s a mix of high-altitude, wide-open powder runs and short, adrenalin-hitting steeps, spread across over 1 million acres.

June – Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Imagine how much you can explore when the sun doesn’t set

Dance beneath the midnight sun and join the locals in celebration as the summer solstice comes around. For an authentic cultural experience it’s hard to beat this time of year. Maybe it’s too late for this year, but look up for next year’s early summer holiday.

Your Unique Travel Experience

Are you looking up, down or still looking around for your next holiday? Wherever you want to go we will make it a unique holiday, combining ease and comfort with the all-important feeling of exploration.


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