Lanzarote by private jet

Fly over the sea to Lanzarote, and explore the unique landscapes and delights of the island. In the wine valley of La Gería, remarkable cultivation methods coax the hostile volcanic terrain into producing excellent grapes. At La Tegala restaurant, you will savour a celebrated modern take on traditional Canarian cuisine.

Your guide will lead you through the craters and lava fields of Timanfaya National Park, an impressive, vast area of barren volcanic soil. At one site, the soil temperature is so high you can pour water into a hole and see it come up in a jet of steam. Jameos del Agua on the other hand is lush and welcoming. You will explore a series of lava tunnels, underwater caves, a subterranean salt lake — and a concert venue.

You can fly to Lanzarote by private jet or helicopter. There’s a twin-engine helicopter available.

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