Immersive Heli Skiing in Lech Zürs


A sensational heli skiing tour awaits you, in the only region in Austria known to offer the sport. The setting is Lech Zürs, but the vibe today is secluded. Surrounded by the stillness of white powdery hills, a tranquil quiet hangs in the air, broken only by the sound of boots and board as you plunge, skid and smoothly descend.

Your private excursion begins in the heart of this dynamic resort town. As you board your ride and prepare for liftoff, your stomach fills with the dance of nerves and excitement combined. The chopper rises effortlessly. Soon, the mountain village below completely vanishes from sight as you are engulfed by an undisturbed panorama of sleepy slopes.

Beside a highly qualified Alps guide, two stunning summits are at your disposal. Most ideal for skilled skiers, Mehlsack mountain is an adventurous freeride. Meanwhile, the peak of Orgelsharte with its picturesque valley run holds plenty of reward for intermediate snow fans. These routes are yours to enjoy exclusively. Savour the isolation. Seize each turn.

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