Swiss Heli-Skiing Experience

Plummet your way down the snowy hills of Switzerland, on this private heli-skiing experience to the remotest of slopes. For this is a country with a truly rich mountain culture, combining the delights of both Alpine and glacial terrain.

A wide range of adventures awaits your selection, with bases rooted in Verbier, Arolla, Chamonix and Zermatt. With variations of more classic routes also available, revel in the rawness of an excursion that’s entirely unique. Landing and pickup zones, too, are dictated by Mother Nature, adding extra spontaneity to your wilderness ride.

Exclusive access and seclusion is not all that’s in store. After all, the charm of the Swiss Alps resides in long and legendary descents. Cherish epic runs that reward with spectacular views. Enjoy traditional cuisine amid ambient scenes at the end of your tour.

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