Exclusive Aperitif atop Hüfi Glacier via Helicopter

Picture yourself perched atop a glacier, surrounded by the still calm of Mother Nature. Fresh drink in hand, you marvel at the snow-capped vista, amid a serene silence broken only by the sound of your leisurely steps, laughter and celebratory glass clinks.

This is an exclusive excursion beginning in Mollis, where you will board a helicopter and tour the Sardona Arena Tectonic first. From the comfort of your private chopper, rugged views present themselves. Sit back and listen to the stories of your pilot as he explains the marvel of Martinsloch, a natural rock window that appears within the UNESCO heritage site below.

The journey continues as you pass charming mountain villages. Piercing peaks and unspoiled plateaus stun as they serendipitously emerge. Pause the aerial adventure at 3000 meters above sea level to enjoy an exclusive aperitif on the Hüfi Glacier. Admire the beauty of this icy terrain up close, before soaring over the turquoise joys of the Muttsee reservoir.

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