Tenerife from the Sky


Below you, resorts, canyons, and seaside cliffs pass. Then, vineyards and wooded hills. You are doing a 120km aerial tour of Tenerife, which includes flying over the Orotava Valley winelands, the hills and town of Vilaflor, and the slopes of El Teide itself.

Your helicopter will hover above Santiago, so you can see the lava tongues that slid into the ocean — a reminder of El Teide’s 1909 eruption. You will fly over the pine forests of La Corona Forestal Natural Park as well as over beachside resorts and fishing villages. All the beauty of Tenerife’s diverse nature will be yours to admire.

Departure for this tour is always from Adeje Heliport, but the rest can be customized according to your wishes. You can do shorter flights over specific areas of the island, and you can also choose whether to do a private or a shared flight.

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