Heli-Ski Down Mont Blanc


Reaching the summit of Mont Blanc, you’ll understand why so many before you have had the urge to conquer mountains. The majesty, the tranquility, pausing life when you reach the top for a moment of quiet contemplation.

But you’re not here just to climb a mountain, you’re here to ski from the summit. Your private helicopter will take you over the dramatic south face of the mountain before descending to 4000 meters altitude. You’ll put your skins on and head to the summit in two and a half hours filled with dramatic mountain vistas.

It’s all downhill from there. At this point, it’s just you, your mountain guide and the ski run of your life. 3800 meters on the north face of Mont Blanc, the most perfect powdered snow beneath your skis. Expert level skiers only for this wild ride.

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