Zurich Michelin Dining with Dazzling Heli Transfer


Prepare to make your dinner entrance in true style, as you disembark your very own chopper for the night. The setting is a Michelin-starred hub on the outskirts of Zurich. The mood is sophisticated, with a prestigious wealth of award-winning cuisine.

As you approach your private heli chauffeur and prepare to hop in, your stomach leaps in anticipation. The butterflies intensify as the helicopter rises, but soon dazzling aerial shots of Zurich replace them with pure glee. Marvel at this charismatic urbanscape, before venturing onwards over verdant forests dotted with lush rivers and lakes.

Your pilot takes you past Hörnli next, the city’s most scenic mountain, before finally landing in an intimate airfield. Nestled nearby is Gasthaus zum Gupf, your scenic dining spot this evening. The restaurant boasts both ambience and class. Sat in one of four rustic room chambers, relish a Michelin-starred menu amid immersive mountain views. And once you’ve wined and dined to your heart’s content, summon your pilot back for an equally epic exit.

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