Calvados Tasting in Normandy

If your palette is hankering after another tipple to try then Calvados could be just the drink for you. If you’re a fan of both brandy and cider then you’re in luck, as Calvados is a combination of the two and, while in Normandy, you can enjoy a unique tasting that’ll allow you to become accustomed with all there is to know about this smooth drink.

This famed Normandy brandy has a long history in France, and it’s coined by The New York Times as an ‘apple orchard in a glass.’ It can be enjoyed during a two-hour private tasting experience, where you’ll indulge in only the best Calvados brands. Where do we sign?

Only selected apples are used to create Calvados, and maturation is key. The Calvados multi-sensory tasting is a terrific way to immerse yourself in French culture and learn how the drink is made, all while enjoying the finest brandy around. The private tasting not only includes the tasting of tipples, but a look at Calvados’ journey through the centuries, scaling from the Vikings all the way to the present day. À votre santé!

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