A private traditional Faroese dinner at a local farm

Heimablidni. A word unknown outside of the Faroe Islands but encapsulates everything the islands are about, heimablidni translates to home hospitality.

And no one does it quite as well as Faroese natives Anna and Oli who run the island’s best supper club.

Think arriving at the homestead by horseback. Think local schnapps. Think delving into Faroese cuisine - mutton sausages, homemade rye bread, fermented fish, meatballs, home slaughtered lamb - everything homemade and fresh. Think each dish paired with a local beer.

Each dish connects you with long standing culinary traditions that make the islands what they are today. You’ll learn about traditional cooking techniques such as fermentation and drying meat and fish outdoors.

You’ll learn what it truly means to be Faroese.

The experience is private. It’s just you, Oli and Anna eating and drinking delicious things, as if you were old friends.

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