Balik Farm Visit with Divine Salmon Tasting

Welcome to the wonders of Balik Farm, where the world’s finest smoked salmon is prepared by hand. Consistently ranked top among salmon connoisseurs, gourmets and even royals, the flavour here is refined with an elegant presentation known to make jaws drop.

Nestled amid the rolling hills of Toggenburg, lush green scenery surrounds this off the beaten path spot. Enter the manufactory beside a local expert, where you will embark upon a guided facility tour. Discover the company’s very own sound studio. Explore the subtle art of fine dining, and how Balik salmon has origins rooted in Imperial Russia.

Finally, sit down to savour a unique culinary experience, where high quality products are promised alongside divine taste. Heavenly plates make their way to you one by one, served with creativity, passion and a sprinkle of romance. Multifaceted recipes combining modernity and tradition are yours to sample. A special moment of gratification follows each new bite.

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