Bullfighting Experience - Exclusive Tour


An exclusive tour into the world of bullfighting awaits you, for within this glossed over craft there is truly much to explore. This is a private journey into unseen sides, letting you dig into the history of this ancient art form and discover the cultural expression behind the sport.

The experience begins with a visit to one of the most famous bullfighting rings in Spain. There, you will meet a renowned bullfighter in person. Unleash all your burning questions in this special one-to-one exchange. A stop at a traditional bull ranch follows. Become acquainted with the rancher, then drive on to encounter the prized animal behind the trade.

Grazing in its natural habitat, the bull looks peaceful. This is a great opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures from up close. Finally, join a bullfighting class led by a native expert. Try your hand at being a matador alongside a young toro, before enjoying local Spanish cuisine in a setting that’s electric and raw.

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