Cádiz White Mountain Villages - Idyllic Day Trip


Begin your exploration of the white mountain villages of Cádiz, and discover a timeless side to Spain distinct from the bustle often seen. Tucked between sloped terrain, these hilltop towns are marvellously quaint. They give way to chalk-coated houses dating back to the Middle Ages. These abodes uphold Moorish remnants that shimmer in the sun.

Begin a guided wandering beside a native expert, who will escort you through Grazalema, Setenil, Zahara de la Sierra and more. Perched along rocky cliffs in the southwest shores of Andalusia, these settlements are reminiscent of bygone eras. They stand as coastal capsules with traditions still upheld.

Stroll down stone paths, steeped in mystery. Uncover hidden alleyways frozen in time. Adorned by nature, culture and history, the pueblos blancos are a storied site of much romance. Get lost among flower-lined footpaths. Visit secret spots recommended by your guide. Meet the charming locals that inhabit this labyrinth, relishing their idyllic way of life.

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