Perfume Making Class in Grasse


As the home of icons such as Chanel no.5, Guerlain Shalimar, Miss Dior, Lancome, (and so, so, many more), it’s safe to say the French know a thing or two when it comes to perfume. And you can learn all about it too by stepping into the laboratory of the third-oldest perfume maker in the world, Galimard’s Studio des Fragrances, where you’ll be able to understand what makes French parfum oh so good. Until only recently, the studio was closed to the public but they’ve now flung their doors open for all to enjoy...

Here, you’ll learn the secrets behind creating coveted fragrances, and you’ll put together a unique perfume too, using natural ingredients. The perfume will be your very own scent in a bottle – pulling on your experiences, memories and favourite things to create a unique scent that’s all about you. The 100ml scent which you can take home will boast your name and, should you like to order more, Galimard will keep your scent on file.

The experience is led by a master parfumer, so there’s no doubt you’ll be in good company for your interactive perfume experience. Your nose will do the work as it explores all the vital ingredients needed to make a whiff-worthy scent. And for those keen to expand their perfume knowledge even more, why not try one of the multi-day intense learning courses available? There’s so much to see, do and, well, smell!

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