Beekeeping & Honey Tasting on the Roofs of Paris

Home to over 2500 registered beehives holding several million bees, Paris is a buzzing haven for the black and yellow striped. While most of these colonies are tucked within private balconies and gardens, a small number reside on rooftops near the city’s most iconic sites.

Take a tour of these cosmopolitan canopies, and discover the charming pollinators for yourself. Learn more about the practice of urban beekeeping, as you listen to the daily obstacles and joys of a local expert. Visit hives placed atop famous landmarks. From each top level terrace, a new view to the capital’s vibrant skyline awaits.

Next comes an authentic tasting, pairing high quality honey with champagne and French cheese. The lights of the metropolis glisten in the distance. The sounds and scents of historic streets rise from down below. This is the perfect private experience for the environmentally conscious traveller, granting you an alternate side to the sights of Paree.

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