Truffle Hunting in Provence

A truffle hunt in Provence will allow you to treat your taste buds to truffle, as you get your best detective on and go foraging with professionals on a private tour. They’re known as the black diamonds of the culinary world, and black truffles certainly have had a love affair with many a palette across the globe as a result of their unique, earthy and respected taste.

Now you too can experience just what the hype is about with a hunt during either the summer or winter truffle seasons, picking up the moreish delicacies as you go. Making your way around the Provencal truffle plantation, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade, including just how to spot the “black gold,” and how to tell various different truffles apart.

The tour can be personalised to your specific wishes, and at the end you’ll indulge in a truffle heavy feast post-hunt and get to grips with how to cook truffles, so you can impress at your next dinner party! Champagne is of course included, as are truffle hors d’oeuvres, an olive and truffle oil tasting, and red and white wine a’plenty. From Oprah Winfrey carrying truffle salt around with her, to Catherine Zeta-Jones washing her hair with a $250 truffle shampoo, you too will soon be trying to incorporate truffle into your everyday life, in any way possible!

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