Iberian Pig Farm & Authentic Jamón Tasting


Uncover the origins of Iberian ham, on this authentic excursion through Sierra de Aracena. The drive itself is filled with treats. Recline as you pass verdant hills and ceramic-tiled towns. Woodlands, too, lay scattered across this vast natural landscape worthy of applause.

Nestled deep in the heart of the Aracena Mountains, your day trip begins with an outing to a family-run farm. Arrive and bask in the freshness of country air. Get acquainted with the dedicated household behind the trade. Your local hosts lead you through every step of production. Listen as they share secrets, anecdotes and insight into famed tastes.

Indulge in private samplings of a delicacy unique to the region, alongside a sensual tasting of jamón. Tailor additional gastronomic interests, letting your appetite dictate. These may be Iberian specialties, but their exquisite textures and aromas are world-renowned. Experience the finest ham offerings on the planet, from the very base it calls home.

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