Tailor-made Basque Experience with Aitor Delgado


What if you had a friend who knew the Basque Country like the palm of his hand? And what if your friend wanted to help you choose where to go — and wanted to guide you there too? You can have that friend if you like. His name is Aitor Delgado, and he will help you plan and live your perfect day in the Basque Country.

Do you want to discover local food? Aitor will take you to most authentic restaurants, where the owners are his friends and will be happy to meet you. Would you like to explore historical sites? Aitor will not only take you there, but tell you the stories that make history come alive. Are you passionate about architecture and art? Is wine your thing? Whatever draws you to the Basque country, Aitor will help you experience and understand it, to connect with locals, and truly live the Basque culture.

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